March 6, 2021

imputed the number two of Francisco González and his head of security

Judge Manuel García Castellón has charged former BBVA security chief and former Judicial Police chief of staff, Julio Corrochano, and the former CEO of the banking entity Ángel Cano in the piece investigating the espionage that the bank allegedly commissioned the former commissioner José Villarejo.

The magistrate of the National Court has summoned them between July 4 and 5 to testify at the request of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor along with seven others investigated, most of whom are formerly responsible for the bank of the Francisco González era, among which Ángel Cano stands out.

According to legal sources, the judge has charged the nine in this piece of the Villarejo case for the crimes of active bribery and discovery and disclosure of secrets.

On Thursday, the judge called five of the defendants, including Ángel Cano, former CEO of the bank between 2009 and 2015.

Also on this Thursday are Ignacio Pérez Caballero Martínez, director of the Commercial Banking Network of BBVA and former head of wholesale risks; Javier Malagón Navas, former general director of bonds, as well as Antonio J. Bejar González, president of Castellana Norte District (San José and BBVA), and Ricardo Gómez Barredo, former director of accounting for the entity.

On Friday, Corrochano, Inés Díaz Ochagavia, who replaced him as head of security, as well as Nazario Campo Campuzano, also related to BBVA security; and the partner of Villarejo, the lawyer Rafael Redondo.

In this piece, which remains under secrecy, the judge investigates BBVA's relationship with Cenyt, the Villarejo company, which is believed to have started in 2004, when Sacyr intended to take control of the entity. According to the investigation, the bank hired Cenyt services for 5 million euros.

The name of Corrochano appears in contracts signed with Cenyt, and in telephone interventions there is a conversation in which he says that the "presi" called him every ten or fifteen days, alluding to Francisco González, known as FG, which would mean that I was aware of this espionage operation.

Former ministers, journalists, businessmen and bankers, among others, were subjected to this espionage for which Villarejo would have used the help, among others, of Corrochano.

The researchers estimate that more than 15,000 calls were made by government members, businessmen, institutions and journalists.

These investigations in the Villarejo case led to the resignation in March of Francisco González as honorary president, after having left in December to preside over the entity.

After this round of statements in the BBVA piece, the judge plans to question Villarejo next week in prison in response to the health problems that Villarejo suffers and that complicate his driving to the National Court.

The statement to the former commissioner is framed in the piece Pit, referring to the order made by the shipping company Ángel Pérez Maura to the ex-commissioner to avoid his extradition to Guatemala.

In addition to Villarejo, the judge plans to take a statement from July 8 in the piece Pit to the son of Villarejo; to its main partner, the lawyer Rafael Redondo; and the former Guatemalan ambassador to the United States, Julio Ligorría, among other defendants.

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