March 7, 2021

Impulsora de Ni una menos Peru will appeal an aggressor's sentence and civil compensation

The Peruvian activist Arlette Contreras, promoter of the movement Ni una menos in Peru, will appeal the sentence of 11 years in prison and the amount of civil compensation ordered against her attacker, Adriano Pozo, for attempted feminicide.

Contreras' lawyer, Cynthia Silva, told Efe on Tuesday that the decision responds to Pozo was only sentenced to 11 years in prison, when the prosecution requested a sentence of 14 years for attempted femicide.

About the complaint of rape in tentative degree, Pozo did not receive punishment, said the lawyer.

Silva said that, in the coming days, "the prosecution has to properly support the complaint of attempted rape for which he requested five years in prison, as well as sustain the 14 years he requested against Pozo for attempted femicide" .

He hoped that this would be "given on second instance, and not return to a new oral trial due to lack of diligence of the Judiciary."

He also noted that, meanwhile, will fight to consider the amount requested civil compensation of 500,000 soles (about $ 151.00) requested and not the 20,000 soles (about $ 6,000) imposed on Monday in the reading of sentence because it represents "a precedent very negative for the fight against gender violence ".

The lawyer said that the amount of civil compensation assigned by the Court of Justice of Lima North responds to "they have not known Contreras' diagnosis of post-traumatic stress and have estimated that she is fully capable of working because she has a law degree."

He assured that the judges have not considered Contreras' current state of health or his life project frustrated, because before suffering the brutal attack, Contreras "had the intention of preparing to be diplomatic, a project that due to his health has not been able follow".

Silva also criticized that the arrest warrant of Adriano Pozo could not be delivered to the Judicial Police on the same day of the reading of the sentence.

"Every minute is decisive to ensure the execution of the sentence, not only the condemnatory sentence is a duty, but also execute that condemnatory sentence," said Silva.

He noted that Pozo, "from the minute one of the broadcast of the audience in which the referee reports that he has been sentenced to 11 years, has been able to disappear."

Adriano Pozo attacked Arlette Contreras in July 2015 in the lobby of a hotel in the Andean region of Ayacucho.

The images captured by the hotel cameras, later disseminated by the media, showed how Contreras was beaten and dragged by Pozo's hair, who was naked and looked totally out of control.

Since then, and especially after the complaint, Contreras became one of the most valued activists in the fight against gender violence in Peru, a task that was recognized in 2017 by the US Department of State with the International Prize of "Women Courage".

Also by the American magazine Time, which included her as one of the 100 most important women in the world in the same year, and recognized with the "Defender of Human Rights 2018" by the British embassy in Peru.

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