May 12, 2021

"Impuestazo" to high incomes, large companies and fuel and other four economic news

"Impuestazo" to high incomes, large companies and fuel and other four economic news


1. The "impuestazo" to fuels exceeds one billion euros. The Government included yesterday in its draft Budgets an increase in taxation aimed at high incomes, large companies, fuels and fortunes. The 2019 accounts arrive with a double-entry increase in fuel taxes. On the one hand, the Executive increases the diesel tax by 3.5 cents per liter to progressively equate it with that of gasoline. An increase that will result in 670 million revenue, which as ABC advanced will exempt professional diesel and the agricultural bonus.

2. The Treasury will calculate a market value of 80 million properties. A catastrozo plans over 80 million properties, to which The Ministry of Finance will grant a market value against the cadastral reference. The department has already started this procedure last year, having it for the moment in the chamber to check if the cadastral values ​​are adjusted to the real ones.

3. The Government "sells" Spain to investors and disdains Brexit as an opportunity to attract companies. Spain is in an "excellent time" for investors to bet on the country. This was announced by Teresa Ribera, Minister of Ecological Transition, at the opening of Spain Investors Day, an event that marks the first major contact of the year between companies and investors. However, on the same day that the British Parliament votes on the Brexit agreement, it has disdained the possibility of raising capital from the United Kingdom.

4. Germany grows "slightly" and avoids technical recession in the fourth quarter of 2018. The German economy grew "slightly" in the fourth quarter, conjuring the possibility of entering into technical recession After the contraction of 0.2% in the third quarter, the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) reported, which has not specified the growth figure.

5. This is how IRPF withholdings for maternity and paternity benefits are being returned.. Some taxpayers are receiving the amount through two returns, although These payments are made simultaneously in your accounts. A first breakdown includes the undue income, corresponding to the Income declaration fee by means of a self-assessment rectification and, in a second, the derivative of the tax's own regulations, which corresponds to the retention of the withholdings.


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