Impossible Foods launches pork made with plants and promises chorizo

The American company of processed meat products based on plants Impossible Foods announced Monday that it has taken a step beyond veal and has also created an alternative to pork, with which, he says, even sausage can be produced.

The ecological alternative to meat is made in laboratories from soybeans, sunflower and coconut oil, as well as amino acids, vitamins, sugars and iron that give it the texture and flavor of the porcine product and with which to cook the same type of recipes

"It has 40% less calories than meat, 60% less fat and zero cholesterol," said CEO and founder of Impossible Foods, Pat Brown, during the presentation of the product that took place Monday in Las Vegas ( Nevada, USA) in the framework of the CES consumer electronics conference.

The imitation of pork is certified for the consumption of kosher and halal diets, which do not allow their followers to eat products derived from real pork, and with it you can prepare dishes such as the Vietnamese Banh Mi, meatballs, meat noodles, "dumplings" or everything that requires minced pork.

In the same way as in the case of veal, Impossible Foods has taken care that the alternative to pork satisfies both consumers and cooks, so the uncooked product is pink and tender, while once cooked it becomes more Dark and juicy

For its part, the chain of fast food restaurants Burger King, which already serves veal burgers made from plants, said Monday that in the near future it will also include in its menu the sausages made by this substitute of pork.

"People who eat pork like what they like is the final product, but not the fact that it comes from the corpse of an animal or the resources that have been used to raise that animal. That's why we aim to replace the product final as accurately as possible, "Brown said.

Pork is the most consumed meat worldwide, over veal and chicken, so its plant-based substitute has great potential in the market, especially in places like China, where demand has skyrocketed in recent years.


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