Immigrants with TPS warn Trump that they will fight for his stay in the US.

Activists and immigrants beneficiaries of the protection of the Temporary Protection Status (TPS) in the USA. They warned the government today that they will not stop until they get a permanent solution so that hundreds of thousands of people protected by this program continue in the country.

Different activist organizations and beneficiaries of the program informed in a telephone press conference today that they will not rest until reaching that goal despite the partial victory achieved earlier this month when a federal court suspended the elimination of the TPS for Nicaragua, El Salvador, Haiti and Sudan

In this regard, the legal director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON) group, Emi Maclean, urged the beneficiaries to remain united.

"Permanent protection for TPS beneficiaries can not come from the court, it can only come from the beneficiaries fighting for their rights, the beneficiaries are united and are responding with struggle, Congress must act," said Maclean.

On day 3, a federal court based in San Francisco decided to temporarily block the cancellations of the TPS of those four countries issued by the government of the president, Donald Trump.

The Executive announced yesterday that it will comply with the order and will automatically expand the legal stay documents for these immigrants for six months, until April 2, 2019, according to court documents.

Maclean emphasized that it is not that the Executive has had a "humanitarian impulse", but that it was simply fulfilling its obligation.

On the other hand, Sandra Granados, beneficiary of the program and activist of the National Alliance for TPS, insisted that they not stop until they reach their objectives.

"We are not going to take a step back, we are here to build ourselves, we are here to fight for our families, this is already a humanitarian crisis," Granados said during the conference call.

Affected immigrants will have temporary legal status during the appeal process by the Government before higher courts.

The TPS program is a temporary shelter designed for immigrants from countries that have been affected by natural disasters or conflicts that prevent their citizens from living in suitable conditions; some of its beneficiaries have been in the US for more than two decades. and they have American descendants.

According to data from the Congressional Research Service, there are currently more than 436,000 registered in the TPS throughout the US, of whom approximately 90% are from El Salvador (262,000), Honduras (86,000), Haiti (58,000) and Nicaragua (5,000).


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