March 7, 2021

Immigrants welcomed in one of the Gran Canaria camps start a hunger strike to protest against the blockade and racism on the Islands

The immigrants welcomed at the El Lasso School in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria announced this Saturday that they will start a hunger strike to denounce the blockade to which they are subjected by preventing them from following their route through Europe and the “harassment” and “racism” who suffer in the street.

In a statement, the users of this center, dependent on the Ministry of Migration and managed by the Fundación Cruz Blanca, of the Franciscan Brothers, have announced that they initially plan to support this strike for 24 hours, although they do not rule out extending it for a longer time.

After arriving by their own means in the Canary Islands in boats or cayucos or having been rescued in the sea near the islands, these immigrants denounce that they are insulted and beaten when they leave this reception center and ask the Moroccan Consulate to expedite the processing of your passports, with which you intend to “travel to Europe”.

“We came to work, to improve our social status and contribute to the European economy. We need lawyers, in addition to the one who works and supervises the files” in the center that Cruz Blanca manages, they assert in their protest letter.

In it they also make an “appeal to the Moroccan authorities and ask their King to submit to the Spanish authorities to guarantee their rights as Moroccans and immigrants.”


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