February 25, 2021

Immigrants of the CETI of Melilla protagonists of a parade of wedding suits

A group of migrant men and women welcomed into the CETI of Melilla have starred in a parade of wedding suits inspired by the marriage rites of Syria, Palestine and the Maghreb as a contribution to the twentieth anniversary of the Temporary Immigrant Stay Center.

With the presence of the Government delegate, Sabrina Moh, a photographic exhibition has been inaugurated in the Military Casino of Melilla that reviews the twenty years of history of the Temporary Center for Immigrants (CETI), as well as a sample of crafts and traditional costumes of different cultures made by immigrants.

The exhibition has been accompanied by a parade of wedding dresses inspired by the marriage rites of countries such as Syria, Palestine or the Maghreb, which have been made by women resident in the CETI and who have worn a bustling pass accompanied by several colleagues also welcomed .

The evening closed with the performance of a percussion group made up of immigrants from the reception center where, according to its director, Carlos Montero, more than thirty thousand people from different parts of the world have passed through these two decades. world, especially in sub-Saharan Africa.

Remember Montero that the CETI was inaugurated in 1999 and that in these twenty years the entity "has gone through many vicissitudes, with very hard moments, really difficult, but thanks to the staff, to the collaboration of the Autonomous City, the Delegation of the Government and the Army, we have come forward. "

The most complicated years were undoubtedly 2014 and 2015, in which there was the confluence of the "usual sub-Saharan immigration and the arrival of the Syrians, so we got to have 2,500 people at a time and about ten thousand entries per year. "

From those "really complicated years" has passed to the current relative stability of between one thousand and 1200 immigrants per year, from small boats and those who manage to access Melilla by land.

The desire of Montero, is that the years that are to come, can continue to improve and make the Temporary Immigrant Stay Center "be better every day, and be in better conditions" for residents.

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