February 27, 2021

Imelda's children apologize for the poisoning and promise to help the sick

The children of Imelda Marcos, Imee and Bongbong, have apologized for the food poisoning suffered by more than 450 supporters on Wednesday at the 90th birthday party of the former Philippine lady, and have pledged to help the sick.

"My mother and the whole family are helping all those affected receive the necessary medical attention, we are going to make sure that everyone is well," Imee Marcos, who has just appeared as a senator after governing during nine years the region of Ilocos Norte, fief of the Marcos.

Imee also promised to visit the victims who remain in hospitals, while his brother Bongbong – who sounds like a possible candidate for the presidential race of 2022 – apologized for what happened and promised to help the sick until they are fully recovered.

A total of 306 patients are still admitted and 150 have already been discharged, said today the Philippine Health Secretary, Francisco Duque, who explained that all indications are that the poisoning was caused by a bacteria of the staphylococcus family.

"The bacteria probably spread because of poor handling of the food, either because the food was not well chilled or because it was not cooked enough," Duque said.

Imelda -widow of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos- turned 90 on Tuesday, but yesterday there was a celebration with more than 2,500 supporters at a sports center in Manila, where two menus were served: one for VIP guests and one for regular guests , group that suffers from intoxication.

"Our family did not organize the event, we were only invited, and the food came from different donors," said Imee.

Authorities suspect that the source of the poisoning can be either the meat in adobo – Filipino national dish – or the egg, but it will also analyze the bottled water served on the spot, although the results will not be known for three days .

Imelda ended his 30-year tenure as congressman for Ilocos Norte on June 30, although now his sons Imee and Bongbong continue their political careers with broad popular support.

It is estimated that during the two decades that governed the Philippines, Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos amassed a $ 10 billion illicit fortune, although the former lady has faced hundreds of legal proceedings upon her return to the Philippines without stepping into prison.

Last November she received for the first time a sentence of at least 42 years in prison for seven crimes of corruption committed between 1968 and 1984, when she was governor of Manila; although the sentence is not final and is pending the appeal.

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