April 20, 2021

Imbroda (PP) calls for the resignation of the president of Melilla (Cs) and demands the intervention of Albert Rivera

Also, Imbroda has appealed to the leader of Citizens, Albert Rivera, in order to intervene in Melilla to not allow their formation, with a single deputy over 25, has taken over the presidency after breaching the agreement with the PP and agree with "a party of the left and another of a religious nature", in reference to the PSOE and the CPM of Mustafa Aberchán.

At a press conference, the leader of the popular Melillenses has said that, after having heard the report of the Prosecutor's Office of the TSJA on the contentious electoral appeal filed, against the designation of De Castro as president of the Autonomous City, "if I were a interim president would be worried and nervous after the nonsense and the barbarity that was committed in the investiture session and for having held a position in a bad way.

"De Castro would have to make an act of deep reflection and say, I am here occupying a presidency with bad art, having cheated, betrayed and giving a low blow to democracy," said Imbroda.

The president of the local PP has asked Eduardo de Castro that, "with this reflection, what he has to do is resign out of respect for Melillenses and democracy, he will not do it, but Justice will stop him."


On the other hand, Juan José Imbroda has addressed directly to the President of Citizens, Albert Rivera, who is "responsible for allowing what is happening in Melilla." "Neither the ethics nor any value of those presumed by Cs and Albert Rivera have been met in Melilla, because they have consented that the Autonomous City is presided over by someone who has not been elected at the polls by the Melillenses," he said.

"Albert Rivera, as a champion of democratic regeneration, has kicked off democracy, negotiating with parties that are members of Compromís or that count in their ranks with people condemned by Justice, he has allowed Melilla to have an uncertain future", Add.

For Imbroda, not everything is valid in politics: "Cs has shown that his speech is a lie, he has deceived his electorate and it is a party that tends to disappear".

He asks Albert Rivera to "turn your eyes to Melilla because there is a serious problem here, where is the ethics of which he presumes on all four sides? Does his ethics and morals not work for the other side of the sea?"

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