March 3, 2021

Imanol Arias and Vanesa Martín will speak tonight of success and fame with Dani Rovira in La 1

A file image of actor Imanol Arias.

A file image of actor Imanol Arias.
Manuel Murillo Martinez

Humor, series and memories will be very present in the main channels during the night of this Tuesday. In La 1 de TVE, at 10:45 p.m., Dani Rovira will speak of success and fame with Ana Milan, Imanol Arias, Hiba Abouk, Angy Fernández, Fran Perea, Natalia Sánchez and Vanesa Martín in the new installment of ‘The night D ‘.

At 10:45 p.m. ‘Woman’ go back to Antenna 3 with a new chapter. In this installment, a strange dream in which Yeliz appears will upset Bahar … As she gets closer to discovering the news of her friend’s death with each passing day, Doruk and Nisan will be in great danger … In addition, Doruk and Nisan are not quite comfortable in the house. Life with Sarp, Piril and the children is not as ideal as they thought.

For its part, Four broadcasts tonight (10:50 pm) a new installment of‘The good doctor’. This time around, as Shaun confronts Melendez about treating a seriously ill hospital janitor, Lim risks a lawsuit for attempting to repair a teenage girl’s ritual circumcision. Glassman exhaustively chooses a doctor for his brain surgery.

‘Love is in the air’ (10:00 p.m.) will occupy the entire prime-time slot of Telecinco during the night of this Tuesday. In his new installments, Serkan’s most vulnerable facet comes to light. The architect breaks down when he remembers his brother with his mother and goes out of his way to help her so that she can overcome her greatest fear: leaving home.

Further, Greater Wyoming he remembers tonight (at 10:30 pm) his parents with Mamen Mendizabal in ‘Palo y astilla’. Growing up with an absent mother, admitted because of the deep depressions she suffered, deeply marks José Miguel Monzón and his family. From the pharmacy of the Madrid neighborhood of Prosperidad to the stages, we go through the milestones that marked his character and led him to be the showman that he is today.


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