Imaginarium will lay off 119 workers and will keep only two of its stores open in Spain

The Aragonese toy company Imaginarium has confirmed to the workers' representation that it will only keep two stores open, one in Malaga and the other in Zaragoza, and that it will lay off the vast majority of its workforce. Specifically, 119 of its 144 employees (83%), reports the Europa Press agency.

Not just Amazon: runaway debt and mismanagement key to Toys 'R' Us and Imaginarium problems

Not just Amazon: runaway debt and mismanagement key to Toys 'R' Us and Imaginarium problems

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The company specialized in educational toys, with serious problems in recent years, has explained to the unions that it will only keep open its Ingenio store in Malaga and Aragonia in Zaragoza. This last city is the one that gave birth to the Aragonese toy company almost 30 years ago, in 1992, famous for its façade with a double door, for 'adults' and children.

The unions insist on the need for the company to give a greater explanation of the documentation presented in this collective dismissal (ERE), which follows another last August, in which a hundred employees left.

In particular, the representation of the workers requires data on the situation of the bankruptcy, the refinancing agreement, the viability plan that allows the continuity of the activity, the date of execution of the dismissals, as well as the guarantee of the payment of payroll for the month of February.

Concern about pending payments

The secretary general of the Federation of Services of CCOO-Aragón, Marta Laiglesia, has indicated in statements to Europa Press that the feasibility plan presented by the company does not guarantee business continuity. He stressed that the toymaker's lack of liquidity to meet the payments is evident.

"We are trying for the company to survive but we no longer have income to pay Social Security," said Federico Carrillo, president and CEO of the company, according to collects El Heraldo de Aragón.

Laiglesia has called the situation "disturbing" and has regretted that, in full negotiation of the ERE, the company has already begun to close stores, which makes it hard to believe in the viability of its project.

The closure of stores has had quite an impact on social networks these days, before the poster of a store that said goodbye to its customers and that has been shared by users such as actress Elena Rivera.

Marta Laiglesia has insisted that, from the union, what they request is that the company "comply with the law" and pay the salary and settlement to its workers, that is, what corresponds to them by law: "Imaginarium must assume its responsibility and not transfer it to the public coffers so that Fogasa assumes the payment ".

Laiglesia has regretted that this Monday was the last day that most of the stores opened, and that although the company said at first that it would keep some until the end of the month, it has doubted that this will be the case.


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