April 15, 2021

I’m what my classmates decide

The mayor of Seville, Juan Espadas, said Thursday that “it is not the time to decide” on whether he chooses to lead the Andalusian PSOE and has pointed out: “I am for what my colleagues decide.”

“I am in my responsibilities as mayor, it is not the time to decide,” he said in statements to reporters in Madrid, when asked if he rules out to appear at the PSOE Andalusian primary, to which the current secretary general, Susana Díaz, He has already assured that he will appear again.

“As I do not want to give a headline, I decline to give an answer,” said Espadas, although he has also stated that he will be an active “socialist militant, undoubtedly committed to the socialist project of Andalusia, which has to be a winning project again. recover the Andalusian Government “.

He recalled his commitment not to present himself again as a candidate for mayor of Seville after staying twelve years in the City Council – eight as mayor when his current term ends and four in the opposition – although he stressed that there are still three and a half years left for Continue with your task as a councilman.

“They will tell me the work time that I have left. As if to worry now!”, He continued in reference to the possibility of leading the Andalusian PSOE and electing the Presidency of the Board.

According to Espadas, you have to focus “on what one is at each moment and, then, decisions will be made”, so he has asked journalists to ask him “later”.

He has stressed that in 2023 he will take twelve years in the City of Seville and considers that “the stages must be fixed in those sections.”

Also today, the general secretary of the Andalusian PSOE, Susana Díaz, has talked about her political future in a press conference in Seville, in which she asked if she will be a candidate for the Presidency of the Board, she said with a half smile: “I I will try it and it will be my colleagues who put their trust, but if they ask me if I feel like it, I have all of the world. “


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