«I'm stronger inside than outside»

«I'm stronger inside than outside»

It looks like a heroine?

Well, maybe yes, I had never thought of it as such. I can be a reference and a super hero for the generations to come. I am very excited about what he transmits. It is not like a normal prize for the medals you have won but rather for what you transmit.

He has an enviable track record. What do you think when he looks back?

I see that it has taken me 20 years to achieve my dreams. At no time have I thrown in the towel. I have always known that with effort and many hours of dedication, if I did not give up I would get it. I'll keep that.

Is it as strong on the inside as on the outside?

It may be stronger inside than outside. I am quite clear about the basis for this and I have never given up. It's what I've always said: if at some point you stop or give up, another person will come for what you want. This is a constant competition and you can not stop.

The injustices that he has lived have strengthened him?

They are obstacles that have been in my career. I have not thrown in the towel ever knowing what was going on, which is not easy. I have always known that I was doing well, that I was doing a job in the shade without repercussion, but that what I was doing would pay off and that has strengthened me.

How is your day to day?

It depends a bit on when I'm in competition when I have a little rest. When I'm in competition, which is almost the whole year (laughs), preparing a championship, the day to day is quite routine and disciplined. Train 24/7 and rest from training, recoveries, close the focus completely and focus exclusively on the competition.

Do you want to be the standard bearer in the next Games?

Yes, it makes me especially excited. Is incredible. Not all athletes have that privilege because in the end it depends on the sports curriculum. That they have thought of me is super important. Enter the Olympic stadium representing your country with the entire Spanish delegation behind … It is very important everything that means and is history. I would love to. It would be like a dream.

Would it seem unfair that a woman did not carry it?

That has to be fair. It is not a matter of whether you are a woman or not. It goes by the sports curriculum and if it happens that at this moment there is a great woman and if it happens that at this moment is a man it is also. I am the only Spanish woman who has three consecutive medals in three different Olympic Games.

You have been shooting interest in weightlifting …

In the end it is like everything. When there are results in a sport you have more visibility, people have more follow-up. Many mothers write to me of small girls who want to practice weightlifting and they say they feel calm due to the fact that they have their reference. They are happy doing what I started doing at 20 years old. I am aware that there is more practice a little thanks to me.

No sports for girls or sports for boys

It is important that the talent is judged and valued in the person, not if it is a girl or a boy. Each girl can do what she likes.

Do you think that the evolution of women's sport has cost?

I have felt it in my flesh. I had to be world champion. I'm the best at this so that I get that coverage. In other male sports I do not feel like that. It goes talking, a cover is given, it is invested in future talent without knowing if … With the girls that does not happen. You have to be world champion, Olympian. It's not fair, but in the end I focus on doing what I like and fighting to be the best and if you have the perfect recognition and if you do not have it … Personal satisfaction is the most important thing.


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