"I'm scared", says by Whatsapp

"I'm scared", says by Whatsapp

The tragedy of Emiliano Sala put the world of football in check yesterday after knowing the news of the disappearance of the airplane in which the Argentine was traveling towards Cardiff, Welsh team for which he had just signed. Football player He had returned to Nantes to bid farewell to those who had been his companions during the last 4 seasons. The Argentine striker was going to catch a plane on the afternoon of Monday the 21st, around 7:15 p.m., and would fly in a PA 46 Malibu plane to the British Isles. After more than an hour of flight, the plane asks the air control of the island of Guernsey to land at its airport, descending from 1,500 to 700 meters of altitude. But nevertheless, shortly before 8:30 pm it disappears from the radar 24 km north of another island in the area, Alderney. From there, the British coast guard began searching until two o'clock on Tuesday, when they are interrupted by a strong wind and lack of visibility. Apparently, the player sent an audio through WhatsApp when he was in the plane.

"If in an hour they do not have any news of mine, I do not know if they are going to send someone to look for me because they will not find me"said the soccer player from the aircraft. "Dad, how scared I am", Sala added in the aforementioned audio. According to one of his former teammates, Nicolas Pallois, a footballer from Nantes, Emiliano Sala was afraid to fly. In addition, he comments on the state of the plane: "It looks like it's about to fall apart", He says. Despite the shocking confessions of Emiliano Sala, his tone of voice is quite natural and adds: "Hello little brothers, how are you doing?", "I was here in Nantes doing things", "and I'm going to Cardiff tomorrow, we started, we train with the new team in the afternoon, to see what happens". These naturalness in the confessions contrasts with another of his phrases in the audio, "I'm dead".

It is still unknown what happened on the flight in which was Emiliano Sala, missing in the Channel, and this Wednesday the rescue services of Guernsey resumed the search of the airplane in which the Argentine player of Cardiff City was traveling, informed the police of that island. "We have resumed the search, two planes are taking off and will look for a specific area where we believe we are more likely to find something, based on a review of the currents and the time since (the device) disappeared," Guernsey Police said. your Twitter account.


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