"I'm scared. Read me a story ”| Society

At night, in semi-darkness, the child says:

-I'm scared. Read me a story.

Fantasy takes him to another world, and then to the dream. “But fear does not disappear, it crouches. We are afraid until the last breath. It is in our body, in the soul, in our health. Everything that happens to us has to do with fear. ”

María Docavo Alberti, 58, a kinesiologist. It deals with fear as a "rabidly human" factor in life. “It is a cell defense mechanism that makes us find our talents. To turn fear away is to extract from it what it is teaching us. ”

Marian Labrada, 37 years old. Politologist and psychologist, says: “Fear affects us in everything. The cell from which part has a nucleus and a membrane, which is in the fetus, in contact with the outside. The membrane receives all the information, it closes, it is destroyed, it gets sick. From the fetus, fear plays that role. Until we reach the world. Fear causes pain: 20% of the world's population has chronic pain without a biological basis. ”

Fear is the suffering of humanity. Labrada says: “There are even pains when there is no harm. Pain that really hurts. ” The fear hurts. A child can say that his gut hurts and that is why he does not want to go to school. “Nothing happens, but the pain exists. And its base is fear. ”

Paula Florit, 28, a naturopath, says: “As a child I had two classes in a row. One of flamenco, another of ballet. In ballet my gut always hurt and I could never participate. In flamenco, which came later, it never hurt and danced delighted. Over the years I have realized that in ballet there was a girl who scared me because I mistreated all the others. I stayed in a corner, I was out of danger: my gut hurt not to participate. In flamenco the girl was not there and I was not afraid ”.

As a child you do things well to be loved, says Docavo. “You are afraid of doing it wrong, and you do it well so that your parents love you. You have created your defense from your fear ... The child who is afraid of not being loved will do whatever it takes to be loved and will develop a capacity for love that will be his talent. ”

What has been your fear? "Not worth it," says Marian Labrada. “I don't know if I have healed. When I fail something I get bad or I get angry. ” And yours, Paula? "The insecurity. To think that if there is no one to support me I will not be able to, when in fact I have been doing my whole life doing it all alone ”. How is fear resolved? "With consciousness," says Maria. “That is why fear education is so important, in schools, in schools, in companies. You have to always talk about it to children. ”

Fear can come when your mother or father didn't look at you, or you didn't see them looking at you. Florit: “We played dominoes as children, with my father, after eating. One day he told me: ‘You're older. We no longer play after eating. ' I would be seven or eight years old and I remember it as a pain. ” Like the pain you feel if, in the dark, the child asks you to read a story and you have already fallen asleep.


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