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"I'm not used to cheering, we will never forget"

"I'm not used to cheering, we will never forget"

Against him Girona, the captain of Spanish He renewed automatically when he reached 25 games this season. Javi López next year will enter the ten players with more campaigns as a parakeet, with 11. The side has fulfilled "the personal goal I had this season: renew with the club of my life" and also leaves with the satisfaction of having "won" in the field, with a victory; it's a very big satisfaction and I'm very happy. "

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At the end of the match, he left the dressing room again, accompanied by his two daughters, to the area where the fans were. Spanish, who received him with applause and chanted his name. "I'm not used to ovations and recognitions of this kind, in my family we will never forget," he acknowledges. "I'm not used to it, I've seen the video many times and every time I see it I get goose bumps. There is a large sector of the hobby that always supports me and being with my girls gives a lot of value, "he adds.

I gave my best so that this figure would be fulfilled "

Javi López is calm because he knows that his renovation has earned it, despite being pointed out on many occasions. During the season, for that reason, "millions of thoughts, as to every human being" were passed on to him, but he knows that "I have given my best so that this figure could be fulfilled". And from now on to continue doing what he has always done, the only way he knows how to do: "Dignifying my profession, adding, giving the best of me, supporting when I do not play ...".

If the side has been able to reach that figure is due, among other things, to that it adapted well when the situation required him to play a changed band, which he already did "at the time of Pochettino and in the subsidiary with Óscar Perarnau I already played in that position. I've also played right back, pivot, in band ... ", and even came to do goalkeeper.

The game against Alavés as an opportunity to go up

Saturday's game against the Alavés is key to determining where Espanyol looks from here to the end of the season: "It will be difficult because we know the game of Alavés but we have to capture our game idea; that is the way. " In fact, he is confident that he could "start with Saturday's game" a good winning streak, especially now that they have "gained solidity outside the home". The captain wishes "that we go away saying 'what a pity that the League'"

To do this, the "early season" game must be recovered. "Throughout a season it is true that a team is evolving in aspects of the game and embodying those that already had been. Of the last eight or nine games, only in the Camp Nou We have lost by more than one goal. What is missing is to finish the chances in goal, because even playing well sometimes has not come out that way ", concludes the side.

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