March 5, 2021

I'm not going to waste my time

The leader of Citizens, Albert Rivera, does not contemplate going to another round of contacts with the socialist candidate, Pedro Sanchez, if he quotes him to treat his investiture because, as he said, he has nothing else to talk about with him: "I'm not going to waste time or waste more time ".

Rivera, speaking at the Congress, has made it clear that he has no plans to hold a meeting with Sánchez, after he declined to go to Moncloa a couple of weeks ago and insisted that with whom the socialist secretary general has to negotiate. with its partners – Podemos and the nationalists – with whom it is already closing agreements in many municipalities and communities.

"I have nothing more to talk about than the three times I've talked to him," Rivera said in statements in Congress before the possibility that Sanchez will reappear since July 22 was scheduled for the first vote of investiture in order to have the opportunity to speak with groups.

The president of the orange formation has affirmed that the role of Cs is to exercise the opposition because he does not have the mandate of the king to form a government.

What Sanchez has to do, he said, affirming that he is the one with a possible majority and the Spaniards do not care "how many chairs" the PSOE or Podemos have, something that he considers a minor issue.

Therefore, he believes that the date agreed for the first vote deepens the institutional blockade, which lasts almost another month, and has reproached Sanchez for not having negotiated his Executive "from the minute one".

He has also criticized the president of Congress, Meritxell Batet, who is in the service of Sánchez and not the Parliament for not allowing the Government to submit to the control of the Legislative.

"We can not have a functioning government without control and it is no longer an opinion, there is a Constitutional ruling that establishes it.

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