February 27, 2021

"I'm here to make history"

Welcome, Joao Felix says a luminous on the facade of the Metropolitan since Atlético confirmed the arrival of Portuguese. The same thing that could be read on a big screen in the press room of the rojiblanco stadium, where the new "7" of Atlético has been presented. The club has done everything possible to make its new star visible, the man who will fill the gap and the number that must be released Antoine Griezmann.

The player, with a white shirt and no jacket, was not alone. Among the public, the smiling Jorge Mendes, who has received 12.5 million euros for his work of intermediation in the fichajand. Also Paulo Futre and other red and white legends, such as Adelardo, Luiz Pereira, Cacho Heredia or Solozabal. "I listened for two months that I was going to Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Paris, Juventus … and when I saw him here it was an incredible happiness, I am very happy as a mattress and supercontent as a Portuguese", explains the mythical 10 rojiblanco .

Joao Felix is ​​happy for the signing and impervious to the pressure of being the most expensive footballer in the history of Portugal, above Cristiano Ronaldo. "This issue of the amounts is a matter of market, but I've only come to play and do the best I can to help the club," he says. "Cristiano is a great player, the best in the world and the best of always. He told me about Madrid, and about Madrid, he told me that he liked it a lot. But I'm here to make history, to be remembered as Joao Felix. Cristiano is Cristiano and I am me ", Add.

The Portuguese, who is only 19 years old and has played a season in the elite, will be supported in his transfer by his parents, who accompanied him on the spot and by his friends. "My brother does not play there," he says. They will help you escape the pressure, although at the moment you do not seem to need much help. "Disconnected from the pressure. Sometimes we hear good things and then bad things and it's not worth seeing. I just do my job, "he says.

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