June 15, 2021

“I’m going to tell the judge everything I know”

The one who was number two of Fernández Díaz in the Ministry of the Interior between 2013 and 2016, Francisco Martínez, has assured in statements to El País that he is going to tell the judge “everything” he knows about Operation Kitchen, the espionage of Bárcenas deployed from the Interior during the Government of Mariano Rajoy to obtain compromised documentation for the party held by former treasurer Luis Bárcenas.

Francisco Martínez, the new "that man you are talking about" that he has in his hand the Rajoy dome in the Government and in the PP

Francisco Martínez, the new “that man you are talking about” who has in his hand the Rajoy leadership in the Government and in the PP

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Francisco Martínez is, to date, the only public position investigated for the actions of the political brigade in the espionage of Luis Bárcenas. In September of last year, Martínez wrote that if he had to go to testify after being implicated, “they will also go [Jorge] Fernández Díaz and probably [Mariano] Rajoy. “The judge cited him as investigated four months later, in January 2020, after being designated by Commissioner Enrique García Castaño as the head of the reserved funds that would have paid for the operation.

According to Martínez’s account to El País, he learned about the operation from Minister Fernández Díaz and was “stunned.” “He called me, I don’t remember if on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, to tell me that an informant was going to collaborate with the police to see what happened to Bárcenas. Then he sent me a message on WhatsApp reminding me of the matter. He was in the habit of sending me the things we had discussed in writing, so that it would be recorded or not forgotten. I was stunned, “he explains.

“I spoke with the deputy director of operations of the Police, Eugenio Pino, and he told me that yes, there was a group of police officers with the confidant, that he was Bárcenas’ driver, and that the Gordo was in that operation. [el nombre para el comisario Enrique García Castaño] and Villarejo. Furthermore, he made it clear to me that nothing was in writing, ”he continues.

Until now, Martínez has refused to testify before Judge Manuel García Castellón on two occasions. After being surrounded by the investigation, he decided in 2019 to cover his back by going up to two times to a notary to attest to the messages he exchanged with Fernández Díaz in 2013, after breaking out the scandal of the Bárcenas papers, and which prove that the former minister was aware of the operation. These messages also point to the possible involvement of the CNI in spying on the former treasurer, as revealed by elDiario.es.


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