"I'm going to put you in the fridge" – La Provincia

Femarguín Spar beat Cordoba on Sunday and became the first team to win in the Ciudad Deportiva Cordoba in the Iberdrola Challenge League. But beyond the three points, the moganeras took "a bad body" of the Andalusian lands. "There were a lot of fans amazing the whole game," says Femarguín's technique, Migdalia Rodríguez. "They insulted and intimidated us and there was no security."

The economic situation of Córdoba has led to its facilities not being in the best conditions. "There was no control, there were shacks a few meters from the fields," Rodríguez said. The coach reveals that they suffered harassment and threats. "You also don't want to focus on that and try to ignore it," insists the coach.

The same party record includes some of the incidents that occurred. "In the 68th minute, an Córdoba fan goes to a Femarguín player who was on the ground being treated in the following terms: 'Stay there on the floor to see if you die'; 'Hopefully you die', he says Ana Belén Quirós, main collegiate of the party.

The arbitral trio was also the object of a carousel of insults: 'You have seen the river there is. Well, we're going to throw you away; 'you are unfortunate'; 'disgusting, you'll find out'; 'you are not going to step on a football field again'; 'I'm going to put you in the fridge.'

Lastly, former player and coach Rodriguez highlights the lack of security. "The fans were on the same line of the band and spit on us. From the field to the changing rooms there were 200 meters and no police or anything."


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