"I'm going to focus on the AVE and he who focuses on education and health"

The Minister of Transportation, Mobility and Urban Agenda, José Luis Ábalos, has addressed the president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, to warn him that loyalty "is self-compliance" and "not to demand", after which he added: " I am going to focus on the AVE and I ask him to comply with education and health. That he will comply with Verín's parlor and there he will have loyalty. "

After Feijóo criticized on Friday the "incomprehensible juggling" of the central government with the dates of high speed, Ábalos has reiterated this Saturday, during the National Committee of the PSdeG held in Santiago, that his department "is still working for 2021". "We believe that, except for some unforeseen event, that is possible based on insisting, on the basis of not ceasing the effort," he said.

"Since I took the portfolio this AVE worried me and occupied me and had a lot to do with the fact that I appointed Adif president to a Galician (Isabel Pardo de Vera). I thought that a Galician would take more interest in finishing this work and I think that we have worked in that direction, "he reaffirmed.

However, it has shown that "these are works" and that "indeed there are sometimes incidents." To this the minister has added "the security tests, something in which you have to extend a lot in Galicia", because "frivolize with security" in this Community, after experiences such as the Alvia accident in Santiago on July 24, 2013 , is "a dare."

Thus, after reiterating that the stretch between Zamora and Pedralba is "within a quarter" of finishing the safety tests, which are going "wonderfully well", Ábalos has confirmed that they are working to make the AVE available in the Community by 2021, although the European Commission pointed out this week that the limit was January 2022.


After highlighting his "commitment", he warned Feijóo that "loyalty is self-fulfillment, not demanding the other." "To be loyal is not to be every day that we fail in our calendar," he has shaved.

In this context, he recalled that this week the Court of Auditors detected irregularities in the high-speed works: "Two thirds of the contracts stopped or slowed down by governing their colleagues (with the popular Ana Pastor in the Ministry)." Therefore, he has asked Feijóo "a little bit of understanding."

In addition, Ábalos has estimated in 500 million the cost of compensation for the stoppage of these works, a money that could be used "for other things".


The Minister of Transportation has warned that the attitude of the PP is "equal" with the AP-9. In this regard, he recalled that it was José María Aznar who "extended" the concession to Audasa until 2048 while the current Executive of Pedro Sánchez "is the first in the history of Spain that does not extend a concession or tender it again."

"But it seems that they leave it that way and now the mandate is that we fix it. But in spite of that we are going to fix it," he has promised, while being "very willing" to transfer ownership of the Highway of the Atlantic to the Xunta. "But beware, with responsibility" and with "loyalty," he has apostilled.

All this will be done by Ábalos "focused on work" from the Ministry of Transportation, as he has guaranteed. However, he has insisted on the need for "change to arrive in Galicia" by the general secretary of the PSdeG, Gonzalo Caballero, who will fight for the Presidency of the Xunta in the regional elections scheduled for autumn.


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