"I'm fine, mad about everything I'm missing on the show"

"I'm fine, mad about everything I'm missing on the show"

Anna Quintana continues to be immersed in treatment for breast cancer she suffers from, a disease that has kept her away from television since last November 2. An announcement that she made in the morning magazine that she presents on Telecinco, which since then has remained in the hands of her usual co-presenters and substitutes: Ana Terradillos, Patricia Pardo and Joaquín Prat.

This Monday, the journalist shared a publication on her account Instagram to inform about the state in which it is found. In this way, she took the opportunity to answer the question that people ask her the most since her cancer was detected, as she herself explains on the social network: "What you ask the most: How are you?".

Ana Rosa assures that after four months of treatment she is "very well", although she admits that she is "mad about everything I'm missing on the show".

"Working on patience and grateful for so much love. I'm learning so many things... I have said hello to vegetables and fruits, to natural and ecological, goodbye to sugar, everything processed, fats, alcohol and everything we already know and don't do. Eating well and exercising works, "she says in his message.

Just a week ago, Ana Rosa reappeared on her networks to announce that she is facing the final stretch of chemotherapy. In addition to commenting that he is taking maximum care of his diet and his physical formmade it clear that he faces this complicated stage of his life with optimism: "Positive thinking and being sure that I am going to be cured thanks to our excellent doctors."

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