Illa dismisses the veto to agree with the PSC as "Columbus's photo of the independence movement"

The PSC candidate, Salvador Illa, accuses Junts, ERC, the CUP and PDeCAT of being in the "photo of Colón of the independence movement" after have promised not to agree with the socialists after the Catalan elections this Sunday. The former minister has reminded the pro-independence forces that the elections have been called for this February 14 due to their impossibility of reaching an understanding to designate a successor after the disqualification of Quim Torra: "They already have a majority now and we are in elections because they they have not been able. "

Pedro Sánchez: "We are the left that knows that heaven is on earth"

Pedro Sánchez: "We are the left that knows that heaven is on earth"

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Illa has compared this veto to the PSC with the "photo of Colón" in reference to the demonstration in which PP, Ciudadanos and Vox participated two years ago against the Government of Pedro Sánchez in several radio interviews that he granted this morning after Junts, ERC, the CUP and PDeCAT will seal that agreement this Wednesday, in the final stretch of the campaign. "They propose a fight, confrontation," he said on Cadena SER about the independentistas. Whoever wants to turn the page already knows what he has to do: vote for change. "

The document signed by all the pro-independence forces maintains that "in no case will the formation of the Government agree" with the formation of Salvador Illa "whatever the correlation of forces arising from the polls." The alliance is similar to that reached by the parties of the left in the so-called Tinell Pact to reject pacts with the PP in 2003, which gave rise to the tripartite government. It is difficult for the non-independence bloc to gain a sufficient majority to give Illa power.

The socialist candidate has insisted on his commitment to rule in a minority with a bipartisan party with En Comú Podem, which other forces support from outside. That will be his proposal, as he explained, if he wins the elections on Sunday. Illa, what goes for the vote of Citizens, has wished "the best" to the rest of the "constitutionalist" candidates, but it has been argued that the vote for the PSC is more useful to defeat the independence movement. He has also ruled out asking for the support of Vox to take over the presidency of the Generalitat. "I will talk to everyone, with Vox no, he wants to put me in jail," said Illa, to whom the other forces, including ERC, the commons or Junts, point to the possibility of leaning on the extreme right to govern Catalonia .

Illa has also defended himself from the attacks of the rest of the formations for his refusal to take a PCR test before the debate on TV3. Some of his opponents, including the PP, suggest that he has been vaccinated, something that the former minister has specifically denied: "I have not been vaccinated, everyone knows it."

The former minister explained that he did not consider it appropriate to undergo that test that the Catalan public channel raised since the requirements established in the protocols were not met, such as having symptoms or having been in contact with a positive. In fact, he recalled that that same morning he was on a TV3 set for an interview. Regarding the accusation of the rest of the parties, which assure that there was a pact to undergo that test, Illa has denied it: "It is false.


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