Illa accepts that the sanitary regions mark the de-escalation, according to the Govern

The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, has accepted this Sunday the proposal of the Generalitat that the health regions and not the provinces be the frame of reference for the lack of confidence in Catalonia, according to the Government.

As reported by sources of the Health department of the Generalitat, Alba Vergés consellera held a telephone conversation with Minister Illa this afternoon, in which the representative of the Generalitat insisted on the need for the de-escalation of confinement in Catalonia to have I mark the sanitary regions and not the provinces, as the government initially proposed.

Illa has accepted these circumstances, according to the sources of the Generalitat, who have announced that the Ministry of Health will send proposals by health regions and, if they detect any specific need, they will add Basic Health Areas or groups of this type of area.

In addition, Vergés has once again demanded of Illa that Catalonia lead the lack of confidence in the community and regretted that the Government "disparages" the autonomous communities, since it considers that it only asks them to send data and proposals.

In the conversation with the minister, the Republican counselor also recalled that the deconfinition process is not being carried out correctly because he understands that the Government has set dates and dates before knowing the data on the evolution of the coronavirus.


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