Iker Casillas’s tweet after home registration

The home of the goalkeeper in Porto was inspected this morning in a macro operation against tax fraud

“This morning the Portuguese Prosecutor’s Office has come to my home in Porto, as it has gone to another 76 homes of sports societies, players and clubs, to ask me for documentation. I have put myself at your disposal. TRANSPARENCY is one of my principles ”. With that tweet Iker Casillas has responded to the accusations that have reached the former Real Madrid goalkeeper after his domicile in Portugal was registered on Wednesday morning in an operation against tax fraud.

The origin of the investigation that has resulted in these domiciliary records in the homes of the precandicate to the presidency of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), in which documents related to multi-million dollar businesses have been seized, are in the revelations carried out by hacker Rui Pinto in the ‘Football Leaks’ case.

This is the official statement of the Iker Casillas candidacy team:

“Upon the request of the Portuguese Prosecutor, Iker Casillas being in Madrid at that time, has been made available to the judicial authorities, collaborating with them at all times and providing all the documentation requested”, it states.

“Casillas is absolutely calm about the investigations and that he has full confidence in the Portuguese Justice”. Further, Boxes Rate any step like this towards the “transparency”.

“Iker expresses his desire that transparency reaches each and every corner of football. That is one of the main reasons why I have decided to present myself to the Presidency of the Spanish Football Federation”, Settled a Boxes pending that the date of the elections for the RFEF is known.


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