Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Ikea launches a lamp that is a smart speaker

Ikea lanza una lámpara que es un altavoz inteligente

At first sight it seems only a small lamp, but it has a device capable of responding to our orders. Is about Symfonisk, a hybrid between lamp Y smart speaker that they have jointly developed Ikea Y Sonos.

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The Swedish furniture company and the loudspeaker development company have joined forces to create a smart lamp that could very well become a bestseller of the brand. However, we will have to wait until next August to check it, then it will be when they will go on sale.

Symfonisk are not just cheap Ikea speakers with the Sonos logo, but they can be controlled from the Sonos application just like any other sound company product.

The prototypes of the Symfonisk speakers They were presented during the Democratic Design Days. At the moment, two different models will be launched. On the one hand, a bookshelf speaker that will cost about 99 dollars (87 euros), and on the other, a speaker shaped lamp of table that will cost 179 dollars (158 euros).

The idea of ​​the design is that the speakers are hidden in shelves and lamps, so that we can be surrounded by speakers without us noticing. «Many people dream of having integrated sound systems, but very few can afford it », explains Björn Block, Business Leader for IKEA Home Smart on the Sonos blog.

"Creating an environment in the home where you can listen without having to think is the essence of everything we do," says Giles Martin, record producer and Sound Experience Leader at Sonos. "The experience should be as natural as possible," he adds.

The shelf speaker can be used as much horizontal as vertically. But you can also mount a speaker in an Ikea Kungfors rack, and use it as an independent shelf in which objects can be placed on top.

For its part, the table lamp is quite simple. It has a base similar to an Amazon Echo Plus voice assistant or an Apple HomePod with a lamp on the top, and saves space by replacing two objects with one.

The best thing about this product is that these speakers will be integrated with others of Sonos like any product of this brand. For example, we can pair two speakers to create a stereo effect or pair them with a Sonos Beam to create a good sound system for our TV.

The Symfonisk line connects to the network Wifi. In this way, you can use the normal Sonos application, control the music from the application of Spotify and send music to your speakers with AirPlay 2.

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