Ikea is committed to eradicating the global wage gap in 2020

Ikea is committed to eradicating the global wage gap in 2020


Ikea has announced its commitment to eradicate the global wage gap in 2020, in the framework of the International Women's Day that is celebrated this March 8, according to the company.

The company remembers that women they represent 60% of the workforce; about 52% of management positions in Ikea are occupied by women; 57% of the section heads are women; 10 of the 18 Ikea stores in Spain are run by women; and that 6 women and 2 men make up the Steering Committee of the company in Spain.

It also notes that, since 2010, 40 women were hired while pregnant; 84 mothers have enjoyed a leave of absence for the care of the child after maternity leave, which represent 80% of the total number of mothers who enjoyed this leave; and that from 2010 to 2018, 51 women have been promoted during or after their pregnancy.

«For us, equality of opportunities has been a reality in our daily lives for years, even so, we did not want to stay there. For next year we have the firm commitment of guarantee a global wage gap zero. At Ikea, we work hard to ensure fair and better conditions for all the people who make up our teams, and we do not want to be the exception, "said the head of Diversity, Elena López de Andrés.

"We want to inspire and encourage other agents and society in general to advance in these matters and together we build a world in which equality is an unquestionable right anywhere," he added.


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