August 3, 2021

Ikea increases its sales by 2.1% in Spain in full bet on the online channel

Ikea increases its sales by 2.1% in Spain in full bet on the online channel


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Ikea has achieved last fiscal year, which includes until August 31, a turnover of 1,497 million euros in Spain, which meant a growth of 2.1% in our country. This increase in sales coincides in a year in which the Swedish multinational is toBy leaning hard to improve its online channel, where he is focusing all his efforts. In fact, in Spain, 5.2% of total sales were through the internet.

These sales have focused mainly on the regions of Catalonia, Madrid and Andalusia, where you have billed more than 65% of the total.

This positive data has also led to the Swedish multinational having also increased its workforce, 596 new hires. In this way, Ikea has a total of 9,272 employees in Spain. Likewise, in order to meet the needs of its customers, during the past year Ikea has opened 25 new collection points and hopes to reach 35 in the future.

These are times of transformation in the multinational, which in addition to its large centers located on the outskirts of cities, last year inaugurated its new urban stores in the center of large cities, Madrid among them. «We bet on new formats to be closer of our customers, and we improve our transport, installation and assembly services to be more and more agile and affordable ", he assured Petra Axdorff, the recently appointed Ikea CEO in Spain.

Specifically, Madrid has two urban stores, which join the 16 peripheral centersthat there is throughout the country, and the company plans to open soon one of its urban stores in Barcelona. For Ikea, Madrid and Barcelona are included within the 30 cities that Ikea Global aims to focus during the year 2019, as explained by the global CEO Jesper Brodin in a meeting with the press.

These new urban formats have been one of the main novelties of the multinational, which highlights the great host they are having even though for now it is a pilot experience. "The stores in Madrid help us to know what points to improve in our next openings," said Petra Axdorff.

Brodin has also presented lIkea global results in the previous course, where sales amounted to 34,800 million euros (4.7% more), while the online channel accounted for 8% of sales.

The internet world is the main challenge of Ikea, whose mission is customize more needs of the clients and improve their experiences. However, achieving these objectives is an important investment that can diminish the benefits of the company. In this way, the next step, according to Brodin, is "to adapt the physical stores for distribution".

Thus, Ikea opened 14 logistics centers last year to strengthen the online channel. In that sense, the global CEO has pointed out that the main objectives go through «Improve delivery times and logistics costs»in addition to pointing out that for a distribution company "it is important to have large stores and we already have it".


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