Ikea gives a twist to its business model and will rent furniture

Ikea gives a twist to its business model and will rent furniture


Ikea wants to give a new twist to its business model and now opens the way to furniture rental, as it has advanced «Financial Times» this Tuesday. The Swedish group will experiment with this new service in Switzerland this month and will include several products, they have pointed out sources from the company.

"We will work together with our partners so that they can rent furniture. So that when the rental period expires can be returned and can be rented something more, "said the CEO of Inter Ikea - owner of the brand - Torbjorn Loof. For this senior executive, instead of throwing them out, the furniture could be restored and sold later «Prolonging the life cycle of the products».

In this sense, they have assured sources of the company to FT, that after the tests that are developed in Switzerland He hopes to be able to launch a subscription service. An operation that would enter into the transformation of the company's business model, which frames the opening of small stores in the center of large cities and ephemeral establishments with furniture for private rooms of the house such as the kitchen or the bedroom .

On what furniture would enter into this rental or leasing service, the head of Inter Ikea has pointed to tables and chairs, as well as to the kitchen furniture. Torbjorn Loof has pointed out that "Leasing could be another way to finance the kitchen." In his opinion, "when this circular model is underway we will have more interest not so much in selling but in seeing what happens with it and the care that the client puts on it".

In this regard, he recalled that Ikea now designs kitchens and that it could be the case to modernize and adapt this room, through this model. As pointed out by "Financial Times" sources of the company, from Ikea is betting on a circular model in which there is reuse of your products and reduce its climate footprint by 15% in absolute terms by 2030. Similarly, initiatives such as recycling of wood and some products from its catalog are already being adopted.


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