August 5, 2020

Ikea distributes an extra 8.4 million euros among its employees in Spain for good results


The Swedish company Ikea has informed that it will distribute 8.4 million euros "extra" among its employees in Spain (about 580 euros per worker) in gratitude to its contribution to the good results obtained in the 2018 financial year, closed in August.

The company, which had a turnover of 2.1% (1,497 million euros), closed the year with 9,272 employees, 596 more than a year earlier.

The compensation will be distributed under the One IKEA Bonus and Tack! Programs, which will entail the distribution of 4.8 million among 4,120 employees and 3.6 million among 6,190 employees, respectively.

Since both bonus programs were launched five years ago, the furniture and decoration chain has distributed 50 million euros extra among its employees in Spain.


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