July 25, 2021

Ikea billed 1,497 million in Spain in its last year, 5.2% 'online' | Economy

Ikea billed 1,497 million in Spain in its last year, 5.2% 'online' | Economy

Ikea Spain, the subsidiary of the Swedish decoration giant for Spain and Portugal (excluding the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands), billed 1,497 million euros in the fiscal year 2017-18 (ending on August 31), 2.1% more than the year previous, as announced today by the company. Although it has not revealed the net profit obtained with these sales, the new head of Ikea in Spain, Petra Axdorff, has revealed that 5.2% of sales in Spain, that is, 77.84 million, came online, a channel that grew 50% compared to the previous year. Even so, it is far from the 8% that Ikea represents for global e-commerce, out of a total of 38,800 million euros.

In a press conference at the Goya store in Madrid, Jesper Brodin, head of the Ingka Group (the former Ikea Group, the subsidiary that manages the vast majority of Ikea stores in the world), has shelled the main figures of the company in the 2018 fiscal year, which he described as "spectacular". It has mainly focused on those of Ingka, which brings together 90% of the group's sales, a total of 34,800 million euros, 4.7% more than the previous year. Around the world, the group, which includes another 10 regional franchises, such as the one that manages the stores in the Balearic and Canary Islands, turnover increased by 4.5% to 38,800 million.

In Spain, growth was more modest, from 2.1% to 1,497 million euros. Regarding employment, the company closed exercise 18 with 9,272 employees in Spain, 596 more than the previous year. Brodin has not provided the benefit data either in Spain or in the world, although he has assured that it has been an exercise that has required a lot of investment, especially betting on trade. on-line, a channel that accounts for 8% of sales worldwide, about 3,100 million, with markets such as the United Kingdom, where the internet is the gateway for 16% of the money. Brodin explained that Ikea has opened 14 specific logistics centers for electronic commerce and stores have been conditioned to integrate them into the logistics distribution network to meet the orders on-line. Already last year, in Spain the profit fell by 19% due to investment in sales on-line.

The chain also plans to continue exploring new store formats, according to Brodin, using the Goya store as an example, focused on the salons and located in the center of the city, second in Madrid with these characteristics. There will be more of these central stores, one of them in Barcelona, ​​according to Axdorff, although he has not specified when, where, or focused on what.

Ikea Spain closed last year with 9,272 employees, 596 more than a year earlier.

By regions, sales in Andalusia totaled 267.1 million euros; in Catalonia, 360.8 million; in the Central zone (Zaragoza and Valladolid), 95.8 million; in Levante (Murcia and Valencia), 216.8 million, and in Madrid, 352.7 million.

In the Northwest area (A Coruña and Asturias), 105.2 million euros, and in the North (Barakaldo and Pamplona), 97 million.

"Ikea Spain remains on the path of growth and in a year that has been key to the business and its transformation: we have opened a new urban store, we bet on new formats to be closer to our customers, and we improve our transport services , installation and assembly to be increasingly more agile and affordable, "said the executive.

Over the past year, the Swedish company has opened 25 new merchandise collection points in provinces where it had no presence until now and plans to reach 35.


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