Thu. Feb 20th, 2020

Ignatius, stabs the gift sofa of soccer player Dani Parejo

It’s been almost a month since
Dani Parejo I went to
The resistance

to spend some time chatting with David Broncano. A conversation between the captain of Valencia and the host of MoviStar + where the two classic and traditional questions of the talk show were not lacking –Money and sex- and in which the player wanted to have a detail with the humorist.

It seems that Parejo kept saying that he sofa in the one he found was “a little awkward,” so to prevent the same occurrence of other guests, he would buy one. A present that came in the last installment of
The resistance
but that because of Ignatius suffered a major mishap with a knife. The collaborator’s show did not like part of the audience that considered it “shameful”.

Dani Parajo soccer player's gift sofa arrives at 'La Resistencia'

Dani Parajo soccer player’s gift sofa arrives at ‘La Resistencia’

It was about a white sofa, reclining, with massage part and incorporating a fun play of lights. In addition, it had a plaque that said “sofa ceded to The Resistance by: Dani Parejo”. So far so good, but when he entered the set Ignatius with a knife in his hand, the thing changed. Suddenly, the collaborator began to crack the sofa at different points while Broncano tried to stop him. There was no way, Ignatius continued with his task because, according to him, the sofa “It will bring misfortune to this program.”

Apart from tipping various slashes to the furniture, Ignatius kicked him and made it clear that the program is characterized by the shabby, for having “expensive things on stage”.

Broncano did not agree with him and made it clear that in La Resistencia they have that kind of thing. Despite the explanations of the host of MoviStar +, Ignatius still are his savior string: “What I have done is bring divine justice.” And the audience in the theater yelled at him.

As for social networks, there were many discrepancies in the Ignatius show. Among the most prominent comments, there are those who cataloged “misunderstood genius” to the humorist and those who criticized the “shameful” show and even felt “shame on others” After what happened.

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