Ignacio Marco-Gardoqui: The disagreements of the reunion



Months ago, President Sánchez announced to us, megaphone in hand, the arrival of a new era of reunion with Catalonia that it was going to end all the misunderstandings, suspicions and confrontations that caused us so much damage in the past. He forgot to define what that reunion consisted of and, so far, the only thing that has been clear is that we are still installed in the disagreements, with an acrimony and hostility similar to those of the past.

Right from the start there were problems to locate the longed-for meeting. The Congress and the Senate were useless because too many people go there who deal with issues that are too distant and diverse for the highly focused interest of the Catalan independentists. The

The bilateral table provided for in the Statute did not work either, as it is where minor issues are debated that lack the grandeur and brilliance of their aspirations. So it was necessary to design two new bilateral tables, from government to government and in equality. One, 'entertain', deals with such tremendous issues as amnesty and self-determination. He has not advanced a millimeter, nor will he advance it, because his agenda is in full 'constitutional insubordination', so far from possible that not even the magnificent audacity of Sánchez can reach it. But it serves to buy time. As long as it appears, even if only in paper limbo, ERC can justify to its fans its support for Sánchez and he retains his meager parliamentary majority. The other table, the one that takes care of eating things, looked better and immediately an investment of 1.7 billion was agreed to expand the El Prat airport. But the joy has been short-lived and a new disagreement has put the idea to rest.

The situation is curious. In Madrid the PSOE proposes an idea that its partners disgust and in Barcelona ERC He unrepentantly combines the initial support with the subsequent rejection and the local partners (the common ones) of the central partners (Podemos) of Sánchez cry out against the agreement. Outcome? An investment that is parked and a wealth that will not be. The president of the Catalan employers' association threatens, without modesty, with the bankruptcy of Catalonia, agreeing with Salvador Sostres who two days ago wrote in these pages that Catalonia was not in crisis, but was in decline. If this was the reunion ...

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