September 26, 2020

Ignacio Marco-Gardoqui: Odious Comparisons



We already have the data for the European economies and we can make comparisons. Unfortunately, all hateful. We occupy the dubious honor of spearheading the collapses with our already known 18.5%. We knew that France was almost five points ahead of us; Germany, more than eight; Italy and Belgium, six; and the perfidious Holland, ten. Now we see that Hungary is also ahead of us by four and our dear Portuguese neighbors by just under five points. We have stayed 6.4 points from the Eurozone average and 6.8 from the European Union. Good thing Boris Johnson’s men are doing even worse, although they no longer count for these statistics, once they leave – good time! – the group.


Ignacio Marco-GardoquiIgnacio Marco-Gardoqui


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