Ignacio Marco-Gardoqui: New attempt

Ignacio Marco-GardoquiFOLLOW, CONTINUE
Updated: 05/13/2022 18:23h

The Government has approved the mechanism for setting a gas cap with the laudable objective of lowering the price of electricity. The process has been difficult. It was necessary to break the European resistance, always suspicious of any national measure -in this case from two countries, since the requested exception was Iberian and not only Spanish-, that would break the unity of the market in any type of products or services. An objective that is engraved in fire and with gold letters on the frontispiece of the community building and that constitutes the first and most advanced objective of the European integration process. The project was presented as highly urgent, given the unbridled evolution of prices, but it has been delayed for weeks due to a technical complexity that, apparently, no one had foreseen.

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