June 4, 2020





Wednesday night Pedro Sánchez he raised the grotesque to the highest category in the art of politics. In just three hours, he managed to humiliate Citizens, hurt the PNV, despise unions and businessmen, snub European institutions, disregard the Reconstruction Commission, and once again contradict himself by agreeing with Bildu. “I will never agree with BilduHow many times do you want me to repeat it? », Forgetting about your leader in the Basque Country, whose puppies from Bildu sabotaged his house and all without any parliamentary need.

So much trouble to end modifying in three hours the agreement signed with the separatists, through an explanatory note, just the only text issued during the pandemic that was well understood. Crystalline that Pablo Iglesias would say.

The terrible sequence caused the rejection of the parties, the anger of the social partners and the amazement of the citizens. Fortunately, yesterday, spokesperson María Jesús Montero and Rafael Simancas himself clarified everything for real: The fault is we are done! PP and Vox that they did not offer their vows with forced meekness. If they had started there … we would have understood it from the beginning.

But all that is the manifestation of a ruined government, with a bad relationship with the truth and with a terrible relationship with common sense. But in addition, it would be necessary to pay attention to the bottom of the subject. Who is the brilliant mind, in which government head has the germinated the great idea that it is necessary to make a pact, no less than with Bildu! the scheme of labor relations of all Spain? Does anyone at the PSOE see any sense?

The first problem of the country in the economic field is employment since it is going to be destroyed in units of a million. Can we trust the trio Lastra, Echenique and Aizpurúa in order to solve it? How many high-quality, high-wage jobs will the three create in the future? Well, the same ones that have been created in the past. I mean, not one. They know well what entrepreneurs should do, those beings by definition selfish, unsupportive and fraudsters who swim in the abundance of their unjust benefits. The bad thing is that they never set an example. If this is not fixed, Nadia is not fixed by anyone.



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