June 18, 2021

Ignacio Marco-Gardoqui: It will burn at the stake!



Yesterday, just when we received the good news of the new Renault projects, the Bank of Spain to ruin the spark of hope reborn. We are going to have a prominent role in the manufacture of the brand’s hybrid vehicles and that is a door that opens to the future. But, as I said, then the calculations of the BdE and it all fell apart. It worsens its calculations for 2021 by lowering growth from 6.8% to 6%, that of 2022 goes to 5.3% and, what is worse, that of 2023 to 1.7%. You don’t need to do calculations, that’s what we are for, and it won’t be until then, in 2023 when we reach the pre-pandemic level.


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