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Seen with Spanish eyes, the solutions that the Germans use to face the challenge posed by the new generations of pensioners are truly groundbreaking. As you know, the large number of people who will access the pension system in the next decade will further strain their precarious balances. Here, the minister Escriva, which stands out more for its arrogance than for its imagination, has limited itself to raising contributions, placing the responsibility of future pensions on the shoulders of present wages. On GermanyHowever, they study newer topics that would cause an avalanche of protests, misunderstandings and rejections among us.

From the outset, the new income will come from Budgets and not of the

quotes. The difference is that the budgets are paid by all and the contributions are paid by the company, although a part of it, ‘it is said’ that it comes from the workers. The consequences are not the same either, since the latter become a tax on employment and a cost that is not recovered in exports, given the system of border adjustments imposed by the EU. So, right at this moment, what we need most, jobs, is being punished and what is best for us is hurt, which is to keep our foreign competitiveness high.

But there is more. There, the government pact proposes to maintain the percentage (48%) that the first pension represents over the last salary and undertakes not to raise contributions throughout the four years of legislature. In case you have forgotten, that percentage is 80% in our case, something that should be remembered in the angry demonstrations of pensioners who regularly walk our streets. Furthermore, although working life is not prolonged, a ‘recovery factor’ is introduced which in practice will limit the increase in pensions.

In case the divergence has seemed small, the pension fund will receive 10 billion euros from the budgets that are managed with the usual profitability criteria in the private sector, so that they even include investments in the stock market. Is that crazy? I do not believe it. If the whole country, its jobs, social assistance and the whole ofl Welfare State are linked to the evolution of the economy, it is no nonsense that pension funds are also linked to it, through the Bag and collaborate in its support.

Does it seem logical? Okay, so try proposing all that in Spain and will check the result. ! Ah! Make a will first. I say it only to advance procedures …

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