Fri. Apr 3rd, 2020

IGNACIO MARCO – GARDOQUI: Concept error, destination error



The Catalan employer has done an exercise of magnificent solidarity. He wants to apply the same tax level that his Madrid counterparts support and since he does not want to bother those responsible for their taxes and ask them to lower them, he has demanded that the central government take charge of raising them in Madrid. Wonderful. We have been dismantling the powers of the State for 40 years without worrying in the least about harmonizingr their use by autonomous governments, which has led us to very divergent situations.

But not only in taxes. Nor is health, education, infrastructure provision, or industrial land disposal the same, nor are measures to promote activity, support for R&D, etc. equal. I don’t tell him anymore that I just found out that Teruel doesn’t even have a small exit to the sea. Should we harmonize everything? Perfect, but should we do it at the level of the least efficient so that the effort of our regional authorities is less? It doesn’t seem sensible.

It turns out that Madrid has proved that it is true that farms can raise more if they get Increase the tax base by reducing the tax rates. A painful truth for all those who are bothered by prosperity and intend to match the income of citizens by the wrong way of reducing that of the richest instead of increasing that of the poorest.

It is true that Madrid takes advantage of capital effect. But, when explaining the current differences, that argument falls short. Madrid is the capital since the time of Philip II and has not always enjoyed the privileged current position. Doesn’t the fact of being have anything to do with it the most “business friendly” community Of all, is your tax system indifferent?

No. So the Catalan employers do well to complain, but they are wrong when choosing the recipient of their complaints. To ask your Government to leave the delusions and take care of the things to eat, to govern with sanity, to manage sensibly. And, if you want, that require the central government to accommodate Spain’s autonomy and distributes throughout the territory the various organs of the central administration. It is not very efficient, but it would be convenient, as well as fair.



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