Ignacio González will sit on the bench for the size of the golf course that the PP built in the center of Madrid

The former president of the Community of Madrid Ignacio Gonzalez will sit on the dock for the alleged fix to build a golf course in the heart of Madrid. The judge in the Lezo case, Manuel García-Castellón, has agreed to open an oral trial against González and four other people for the irregularities in the concession of the project on land owned by the public water company of Canal de Isabel II who, as vice president of the Community, the politician presided at that time.

The Prosecutor's Office asks Ignacio González for 6 years for rigging at the Canal golf course

The Prosecutor’s Office asks Ignacio González for 6 years for rigging at the Canal golf course

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In the car, to which elDiario.es has had access, the magistrate opens oral proceedings in part 2 of the so-called Lezo case for crimes of bribery, influence peddling in competition with bribery, administrative prevarication and two crimes of fraud against public administrations . The resolution includes the indictments of the Prosecutor’s Office, the Community of Madrid, the Canal de Isabel II, the PSOE, CCOO of Madrid and the City Council of the capital.

In addition to Ignacio González, the head of the Central Court of Instruction 6 opens oral proceedings against the managing director of Canal de Isabel II between 2003 and 2009, Ildefonso de Miguel, as well as the partners of the company TCT José Antonio Clemente Marín, Pablo Manuel González González and Juan José Caballero Escudier. The latter two are the brother and brother-in-law, respectively, of the former president of the Community of Madrid. Anti-corruption asks six years in jail for each of the five defendants.

The order recounts how in 2006 Ignacio González and Ildefonso de Miguel, prevailing over the highest level public positions they held in the public entity Canal de Isabel II, “directed their actions to ensure the hiring of the TCT society in two public tenders promoted by said body ”. TCT, which according to the letter lacked any means to carry out the contracted works, was covertly owned by a brother and a brother-in-law of González, precisely to hide their family ties with the then regional vice president.

“This hiring of all unnecessary and irregular points, which meant for TCT a total benefit of 504,780 euros -381,029 in the first case and 123,751 in the second- was requested and imposed by common agreement by all the defendants to the successful bidders as a condition to obtain the adjudications ”, maintains the magistrate.

González, who spent more than six months in preventive detention for this cause, is also prosecuted in two other pieces of the Lezo case, for which the Prosecutor’s Office requests eight and four years in prison for him; and appears as a defendant in the Punica case, in the branch where the alleged irregular financing of the PP in Madrid is being investigated. Recently, Pablo González was exempted of responsibility in the case investigating the concealment of money of illicit origin with his brother abroad. The judge files the case against eight other people who were investigated for the repair of the golf course.


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