April 10, 2021

Ignacio Galn, named "Universal Spanish" by the Independent Foundation – La Provincia

Ignacio Galn, named "Universal Spanish" by the Independent Foundation - La Provincia

The president of Iberdrola,Ignacio Galán, has received the'Universal Spanish' distinctionof theIndependent Foundation, with which he wanted to "distinguish and honor the extraordinary career." As the Foundation points out, Galán can boast of leading leading companies in the industrial and technological sectors in whichhas shaped "his vision of the future and his ability to anticipate new needsof the society".

The delivery took place in the course of an act held last night at the Royal Tapestry Factory, in Madrid, after the intervention of the president of the Independent Foundation,Aldo Olcese, and Galán's praise delivered by the executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change,Patricia Espinosa.

The president of the Independent Foundation has highlighted, in the presence of the Minister of Labor,Magdalena Valerio, and around 300 guests, that "the management of Ignacio Galán has been characterized by the creation of value for society, mainly through the generation of employment and the promotion of the industrial fabric".

Also, Olcese, who has read a testimony of adherence to the appointment sent by the President of the Government,Pedro Sánchez, has put in value that the president of Iberdrola "has understood the need and the urgency of transforming the energy model towards a more efficient and environmental one, and has shown that it is possible to combine a successful business project with sustainable development".

In this sense, he highlighted that, with Ignacio Galán at the front,Iberdrola is today "one of the world's leading energy companies, with presence in dozens of countries and recognized for its firm and pioneering commitment torenewable energy, the fight against climate change, innovation and corporate social responsibility ".

Aldo Olcese has concluded his speech highlighting the personality of Galán asman of "long headlights and strategic vision, with enormous capacity and determination to define and achieve the objectives ".

"A new stimulus to continue improving our country"

After showing his gratitude, the president of Iberdrola has affirmed that this recognition supposes "a new stimulus to continue contributing to crystallize the great potential of Spain and to make of ours a better country in a better world".

In this line, Ignacio Galán has ensured that "Spain is a great country made up of great people, in my extensive journey throughout the worldI have witnessed the great work, the dedication and the courage of so many women and menthat make the name of Spain synonymous with effort, solidarity, innovation and creativity, always with a great sense of responsibility. For this reason, I have always felt deeply proud of being Spanish, of belonging to a country so diverse in regions and territories. "

The president of Iberdrola has been convinced that "the men and women who make up this diverse and plural reality that is Spain have the necessary potential to face the challenges of this global world" and hasreferred to the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 cas the best guide, given that they establish a "firm commitment to improving the quality of life of citizens, equality, conservation of the environment and young people, for which Iberdrola is betting strongly".

The Independent Foundation initiated the cycle 'Spanish Universals' in 1996 to distinguish those Spaniards who, fulfilling three requirements – having strong democratic convictions, being defenders of civil society and having a wide international projection -, could serve as a model of excellence to the citizenship.

Among others, these have been theawarded to date:Camilo José Cela; Placido Domingo; Vicente Ferrer; Federico Mayor Zaragoza; Margarita Salas; Julio Iglesias; Miguel Induráin; José Lladró; Pedro Duque; Father Ángel García; Ricardo Díez-Hochleitner; Rafael Nadal; Dr. Valentín Fuster; Universal Homage to the Spanish language; Iberia Líneas Aéreas de España and Dr. Rafael Matesanz.

Iberdrola and Nike extend their green energy agreement to Europe

Iberdrola and Nike have signed their third contractof sale of elong-term clean energy(PPA, for its acronym in English) in three years, with an eye on, for the first time, in Europe. This new contract is based on the successful experience of both companies in the United States. In total, the prestigious sports brand will receive, on both sides of the Atlantic, the production of 209 megawatts (MW) of renewable wind energy owned by Iberdrola.

According to the new contract,Iberdrola will supply clean energy to Nike's facilities in Europewith the production of 40 MW of the Cavar wind complex. Located in Navarra, this renewable enclave is made up of four wind farms with a combined capacity of 111 MW and whose start-up is planned for the end of 2020.

"Athletes need clean air and clean water to progress, and the use of 100% renewable energy in all the facilities we operate internationally allows us to fulfill our sustainability commitments and protect the future of the sport," said Noel Kinder, responsible of Sustainability of Nike.

Noel Kinder has explained that"already in 2018 we announced the hiring of 100% renewable energyto supply our centers in North America and thanks to this last contract, all our facilities in Europe will also count, starting in 2020, with green energy. In this way we can meet 75% of our global goal. "

The contracts signed between Nike and Avangrid Renewables (subsidiary of Iberdrola) in the United States include the supply of 100 MW of wind energy produced in the Karankawa wind farm in Texas, and 69 MW in the parks of Leaning Juniper and Juniper Canyon, in Oregon, intended, the latter, to supply the headquarters of Nike, in Portland. These operations allow Nike to cover with 100% renewable sources all the electricity needs of the facilities that it owns or operates in North America.

Back to the fight against climate change

For his part, Xabier Viteri, director of the Renewables Business of the Iberdrola group, assured that "the big companies that care about sustainability are proving to bea decisive engine in the fight against climate change. More and more companies are imposing strict emission reduction targets and Nike is demonstrating its leadership to fulfill them ",.

Viteri added that "the new investments in renewable energy that the company carries out to cover the long-term purchase contracts directly benefit society, since it increases the production of emission-free electricity." In Europe there is a large market for this type of contracts and we hope to close more operations in other countries in the coming months. "

Iberdrola is exporting to Europe its experience in the management of long-term contracts in the United States and Mexico, whose companies with a global presence already supply the production of more than 6,000 MW.

In this line, the Cavar complex is thefirst wind project of the company in Europeintended for long-term power purchase agreements.

It should be remembered thatIberdrola has also signed contracts with Euskaltel, Kutxabank and Uvesco in recent months,pioneers in the banking, telecommunications and distribution sectors in Spain, which will be covered with part of the energy generated in the Núñez de Balboa photovoltaic plant, which with 500 MW of installed capacity will become the largest solar installation in Europe.


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