Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Iglesias wants to create a public energy company if it enters the Government

Iglesias quiere crear una empresa pública de energía si entra en el Gobierno

The candidate of United We can to the Presidency and general secretary of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, announced this Wednesday that if they reach the government they will create a public company of Energy who will assume exploitation of the hydroelectric plants whose concessions expire.

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At a meeting in Malaga, he explained that this company, which would be called 'Public Network', will exclusively market renewable energy, create new solar generation plants, promote proximity generation, promote renewable self-consumption, promote the remunicipalization of electricity networks in distribution and will create charging points to extend the electric vehicle.

Matiza that will be a "big company" that will compete "from you to you" with the rest, and that will serve to lower the electricity bill and to address with guarantees the country's energy transition. For Iglesias, this will put an end to the "law of the jungle" and will be useful so that no foreign multinational has "more power than the Parliament or the Government of Spain."

It has lied to this country saying that efficiency and privatization went hand in hand "

This has been advanced in an act before more than 400 people at the University of Malaga, which has participated along with the federal coordinator of IU and number one of United We Can for Malaga, Alberto Garzón and the general coordinator of IU in Andalusia, Antonio Maíllo. In him, Churches has emphasized that the privatization of the electrical sector has supposed a "chaos" and that the State and the society must recover the control.

In this regard, he has listed several names of senior political figures from both PP, PSOE, PNV or Convergence that have ended up in power management councils and have charged heavily against the revolving doors. "You have to tell the truth, it hurts whoever hurts, the revolving doors are legal and institutionalized corruption," he exclaimed.

Consider a "betrayal of Spain" sitting on a board of directors or using revolving doors

In this regard, has indicated that "sit on a board of directors, operate at the revolving doors, is a betrayal to Spain" and has apostille that entry into the private company after leaving office as minister or president, is a type of corruption "Legal and institutionalized".

Iglesias has indicated that these are essential to understand what happens with the electricity sector. According to the leader of the residential training, the main private energy companies "have more power than the deputies and sometimes the Government" thanks to these revolving doors.

For that reason, he has warned that until this practice is ended, until it is prohibited that both former and former ministers may end up on boards of directors "the electricity bill will not go down". "Only United Podemos can make the revolving doors banned, and this is recognized in this country all over the world," he added, to emphasize that "the history of electricity in Spain is a story of lies, manipulation and fraud".

"The myth of efficiency"

In addition, the purple leader has stressed that it must break with the myth that privatization leads to greater efficiency and has argued that while the benefits of the three main electric companies have increased by 14% from 2017 to 2018, the service they provide It is one of the worst valued by the Spanish.

To this, he added that according to Facua, in the last 15 years the electricity bill has risen by 90 percent and that the profits of Endes, Iberdrola and Naturgy have added benefits in 2018 worth 6,000 million euros. "This is serious, reveals that privatization has not been efficient, has lied to the country saying that privatization and efficiency go hand in hand," he said.

"They will continue laughing -the electrical ones- of the Spaniards while there is no government that feels like an equal and does not have a backpack full of revolving doors", he pointed out, adding that it is possible to sit in front of them and that a clear example this is the case of Barcelona, ​​where the mayor has created a municipal company "as an alternative to the oligopoly".

For this reason, it is committed to creating public tools that defend people so that wealth is not delivered "to the little friends of power". Defend Spain is to govern for people and sit in front of the board of directors, "he added.

Finally, has indicated that in front of the speech of "flag homeland" they choose to defend the homeland "of the things to eat, the homeland of dignity, the homeland of the public," and this public energetics will finally serve " lower the electricity bill ".

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