October 26, 2020

Iglesias sets the “fundamental task” of Podemos to advance to the Republic and says that the Budgets will not like the right

The second vice president of the Government and secretary general of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, has set as a “fundamental political task” for Podemos for the “next times” to move towards a “republican horizon”, while again advocating for negotiating the Budgets of 2021 with the parliamentary majority that facilitated the inauguration, against the right-wing bloc whose policies go “in the opposite direction” to the new public accounts that “they are not going to like.”

Sánchez and Iglesias put their differences aside and agree in Moncloa a joint plan to negotiate the Budgets

Sánchez and Iglesias put their differences aside and agree in Moncloa a joint plan to negotiate the Budgets

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“We must work and build alances to move towards a republican horizon, it has to be a fundamental political task of Podemos in the near future,” Iglesias has established as a roadmap for its formation during the opening of the Podemos State Citizen Council.

Iglesias stressed that Republicans must be able to understand the “historical moment of crisis of the Monarchy and the model of state that it embodies” and consequently “have the courage and audacity to put on the table the need for Spain to move towards the horizon of a Republic “in which” it reaches the Head of State.

Along these lines, he pointed out that “fewer and fewer people in Spain understand, especially young people, that in the XXI century, citizens cannot choose who their head of state is and that they do not have to answer to the courts like any other citizen. and he cannot be removed from his post if he commits a crime. ”

Likewise, Iglesias has linked this republican horizon to channel the economic and territorial crisis in Spain, by proposing a project that involves strengthening social rights, public services, gender equality, education and culture, that is “modernizing” and leaves behind the economic model based on “real estate speculation, the exclusivity of tourism and public procurement of which the Monarchy was an ineffective promoter”.

According to Iglesias, the Monarchy no longer represents the new business opportunities of more dynamic business sectors, but they must be part of a republican horizon that implies economic modernization, greater efficiency and greater competitive capacity in the European framework.

“Surely this dissociation between economic interests in Spain and old structures reveals the exhaustion of the historical role that the Monarchy played in the homeland,” he said.

Along with the economic, he has urged to achieve a republican horizon as a “scenario for overcoming the territorial crisis”, establishing an organization “more federal, more confederal and built on fraternity and recognition of the diversity and plurinationality of Spain”, compared to the ” centralist model embodied by the Monarchy. ”

The Historical Memory Law has also vindicated that although “it is not perfect” as there are still “pending subjects”, it does contain elements that have not been undertaken by any Government “in 40 years”, and has advanced that it will be enriched during its parliamentary process with the contributions of other formations and organizations of historical memory.

Reject the right: “The Budgets are not going to like”

Regarding the project of General State Budgets (PGE) for 2021, Iglesias has stated that “very soon” it will be presented by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and by himself, once the negotiations between the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, and the Secretary of State for Social Rights, Nacho Álvarez, in tax matters.

However, he has advanced that it will include “ambitious” investment projects in line with the “common sense of the time” that marks the European agreement, strengthening “the public”, and “important advances” in the area of ​​tax justice.

“Surely those who form a governance bloc with the extreme right are not going to like it,” Iglesias said, referring to PP and Cs, who he criticized for the “anomaly” that implies that conservatives and liberals agree and govern with the ” extreme right “that in his opinion represents Vox that” publicly vindicates the dictatorship and proposes to outlaw millions of Spaniards from PNV, ERC, EH Bildu or United We Can “.

Faced with some PGE that will draw the “fundamental keys of the State direction for the next years and decades”, Iglesias has rejected the right-wing bloc for governing with Vox and making policies of “interests of the corrupt elite and the destruction of the public.” , something that goes “Against” the PGE of 2020. “Everyone has the example, you just have to see what the government of the PP and Aguado in Madrid means,” he added.

Instead, it has once again committed to negotiating the PGE with the majority that led to the inauguration and the coalition government, after having shown willingness to do so, since despite the fact that said process will not be “easy”, it considers that it has been proven “viable” to carry out “social” accounts and give “meaning and stability to the coming years.”

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