Tue. Apr 7th, 2020

Iglesias reproaches Celaá for using his position as government spokesman to launch electoral and party slogans

In statements to La Sexta collected by Europa Press, the purple leader has warned the spokeswoman that "it is not sensible to take people for stupid" and reminded him that the appearance this Friday was made as a spokesman for the Executive and not It was a rally of the PSOE.

In this way, Iglesias responded to Celaá's appearance after the Council of Ministers, where he has urged the purple formation to choose between supporting social measures that the Executive will carry out in case of governing or going to elections by putting himself on the right side. "It is not typical of an advanced democracy," added the secretary general of Podemos.

In addition, he believes that "it is not serious" that the Socialists use the government institutions in this way to "drop slogans" and added that this attitude "offends the intelligence of many people."

Finally, he reminded Celaá that his training does not vote with the right and that who has not stopped asking for the support or abstention of PP and Citizens is the PSOE.

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