Iglesias recommends “pomadita” to those who do not want Podemos ruling Spain and have “coup wishes”

“Those who have always sent in this country get hives when people like us are on the Council of Ministers, even after everything they have said about us, all the sewers and all the pressure. I know what it gives them urticaria. Well pomadita, “he said in an interview in the Portuguese newspaper ‘Expresso’.

As he has indicated, there are “many sectors of the elites” who feel this rejection and “owners of the media” who will use their media to “try to influence”. However, he considers that there is “more a desire than a real power” to ensure that Podemos is not in power.

“That there are coup desires in some? Yes. But that they have any capacity to shake the democratic foundations of our society? No,” said Iglesias, convinced that these power groups have no chance of “doubling the democratic will.” of the citizens because “they are not as powerful as in the past.”


Regarding calls for the formation of a government of concentration in Spain – that the PSOE breaks with Podemos and pacts with the opposition on his right -, the vice president recalled that this idea was already promoted in the two general elections in 2019.

“These groups put all their economic and media power to try to influence the population and to get the government they wanted out,” he said. In fact, he believes that they will continue to do so, but that Spanish democracy “will not be protected by those who do not accept the electoral results.”

On the other hand, the Minister for Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda has declared that, in the face of the complicated situation facing the Government due to the coronavirus crisis, its duty is “to do the right thing”. In his opinion, that means “protecting people through a social shield and protecting the productive structure” of the country.

“We must protect companies and workers, we must protect, in a word, the homeland,” he said. And while he fulfills “the patriotic duties imposed by a crisis like this”, Podemos will not make “electoral calculations”, he assured, adding that the time will come for people to value the actions of each party or each institution during this period.


What he has regretted are the “attacks” on the coalition government by “the extreme political right and, above all, the media” ready, in his opinion, “to break all consensus and even assume forms of coup.”

Iglesias would like the right-wing opposition in Spain to support the Executive and behave with the “height of the State” which, in his view, is demonstrated by the opposition in Portugal, where the left also governs.

“We are not going to ask the right to stop being opposition, but we are going to ask them to be patriots,” he said. Without expressly mentioning the PP and Vox, it has accused a part of the right of mounting a “despicable spectacle” and has warned it that many of its voters are not understanding “the ultras positions of some of its leaders.”


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