Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

Iglesias is vindicated in Euskadi as the only guarantee to build a plurinational Spain

Iglesias se reivindica en Euskadi como única garantía para construir una España plurinacional

Pablo Iglesias has asked for a vote on Saturday United We can to all those Basques who, in autonomous or municipal elections, would vote for socialists or nationalist forces, because, he said, their coalition is the only guarantee to defend the plurinationality of the State.

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At a meeting held in Eibar, the first city in the State where today, as today in 1931, the republican flag, the candidate of the United We Can to the Presidency of the Government has asked the Basques to allow him to win again in Euskadi the general elections to "build the fraternity" with republican values.

"I know that there are many citizens who, in Basque elections, can vote socialist or open-minded political options. These voters know that it is essential that there be a force in the Spanish State that defends plurinationality. I want to ask those Basques and those Basques to trust us again, "he said.

A model of State

The coalition won in 2016 the general elections in Euskadi with 29% of the votes and 6 deputies, although the CIS gives it between 3 and 4 seats this time.

These elections will elucidate, according to the leader of the purple party, the future model of the State as a result of the conflict in Catalonia and the consubstantial diversity of Spain, and has vindicated the spirit of federal republicanism to respond to the historical diversity of the State.

"The trio of Colón, the trifachito, the three pianists of Aznar already know what they are defending: a single language, a single flag, recentralization", has warned Pablo Iglesias in reference to Pablo Casado (PP), Albert Rivera (Cs) and Santiago Abascal (Vox), whom he has called "chaiot and tambourine jingoists".

The leader of the purple party also asked what model of State would defend the president Pedro Sanchez if he agreed with Cs instead of with Podemos: "Would such a government understand the plurinationality, the existence of different languages ​​and identities? Evidently not. "

(Miguel Tońa / EFE)

After considering that "it magnifies a country" that can coexist citizens who get excited with different symbols, the leader of Podemos has said that republicanism is "a box of tools to build the future."

"There are some fools who repeat a stupidity: to say that a monarch is what unites all citizens," said Iglesias.

The leader of Podemos has starred with Alberto Garzón (IU) and Juantxo López de Uralde (Equo) a rally that has revolved around the memory of the Republic and that has gathered more than 1,500 people and in which he has also intervened , among others, the candidate for Guipúzcoa, Pilar Garrido.

"We feel heirs to those struggles, those men and women who built the Second Republic, who defended it against fascism," said Alberto Garzón, who, nevertheless, has clarified that the republican spirit "is not nostalgia or memory" but a future project.

"The monarchy is part of the past, is part of the problem of this country", has considered the leader of IU, which before the rally has participated in a protest march for the Third Republic and a hoist of the tricolor in the Town Hall Square .

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