Iglesias encourages its base to vote in the primaries and not "lower your arms"

Iglesias encourages its base to vote in the primaries and not "lower your arms"

In the absence of a few hours to conclude the telematic vote in Podemos to elect its candidates for the general elections, the leader of the party, Pablo Iglesias, has recorded a message to his militants to ask them to participate and that "they do not lower the arms "before the challenges of 2019.

Iglesias has taken advantage of her last day in Congress before enjoying her paternity leave for the next three months to send a message to the registered members of Podemos, which has been disseminated on social networks.

In the video explains that he is very "excited" and "very much like" being able to be with their children in the next months that correspond to permission, which will reincorporate to work his partner, Irene Montero.

But he also asks his militants to participate in the primaries, to which he is the only candidate for the Moncloa with a list to the Congress and the Senate in which he has surrounded himself with his closest collaborators.

"We need you very strong, some will want you to lower your arms and you can not lower them because 2019 is going to be a fundamental year to consolidate what has been achieved and to conquer more things," says the leader of Podemos.

Iglesias warns in the video that "many are going to try to repeat that the right and the extreme right are coming and that nothing can be achieved and in the end everything is going to stay the same", and before that, he insists that Podemos can remember what they have achieved in the last five years.

Remember the motion of censure against the PP, the management of the governments of the so-called "municipalities of change" and the normalization of primary, even in other parties.

In this context, Iglesias asks that their bases "at this Christmas" reflect on the importance of next year, which will hold municipal, regional and European elections and "may also general elections," before which they have to " be prepared. "

"That's why it's so important that you participate, but above all we need you, who have been the key to making some changes in all these years, be attentive and attentive and with all the desire to change things," he says. to warn that in "complicated times" the "most reactionary" try to impose "cuñadismo" and it is important to be "very strong" to confront them.

To which he adds: "Because sometimes it seems that Podemos is Pablo, it's Irene, it's Ione, it's Echenique, it's Rafa, it's Gloria, it's Íñigo, it's Busty, it's Teresa, and Podemos is all that but it's much more, everything is anonymous people like you who are the ones who are capable after giving the fight in the most difficult places ".

"There is still a lot to do and all that remains to be done will be achieved if people like you do not lower their arms," ​​he emphasizes before asking the registrants for their support for him and his team 'Sí se puede'.

In the primaries that end this midnight, Iglesias has no rival to compete with him for being a candidate for La Moncloa, and his list for the Congress and the Senate faces two others that in principle do not represent great competition, since the two main Critical currents (Anticapitalists and "errejonistas") have been left to the margin when considering that it was not the moment to summon them.


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