Iglesias describes what happened in Andalusia as "shame" and blames Yolanda Díaz for a "finger"

“Andalusia is a horror and I think that many of us are ashamed and it is probably the worst way to start something that is necessary in this country: a broad front and accumulate illusion, and this has started in the worst possible way” . With these words, the founder of Podemos and former Vice President of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, spoke on Monday night about the bloody confrontation between Podemos and IU which has tarnished the agreement to concur together in the coalition for Andalusia in the Andalusian elections on June 19.

The Andalusian Electoral Board refuses to include Podemos in the Andalusian left-wing coalition

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In the program Hour 25 of the Ser Chain Iglesias accused the second vice president of the Government and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, whom he himself proposed as leader and candidate of the confederal space without primaries, of choosing by finger the candidate of the Andalusian coalition, the leader of IU Inmaculada Nieto , instead of the Podemos candidate, elected in primaries only within the party, Juan Antonio Delgado.

“At the last moment Yolanda Díaz intervened and said the candidate has to be this one and Podemos has to square even if we don't agree. I think that perhaps next time it would be very good to hold primaries open to citizens or militants from political groups so as not to be embarrassed," Iglesias said last night.

Very critical of the process in Andalusia, which has shown profound differences between Podemos and IU, Iglesias lamented that it has "returned to the parties, the offices, the stab wounds and the fingers", in addition to "the leaks, offices and negotiations between games." For the former vice president "there are many interests in which Podemos is doing poorly" and he considered that if the Andalusian negotiation is the prologue to Yolanda Díaz's project, the project could "be considered dead". "I believe that this cannot happen again, there is a mechanism that is essential and we have already seen when two formations do not agree there is no other option than to let everyone vote," he said, referring to the primaries.

Also yesterday Yolanda Díaz assured that the "listening process" to configure her project will start after the elections in Andalusia. It will last for approximately six months and the now vice president wants to confirm her decision to be a candidate before the end of the year. About to start the process, Díaz is already multiplying her own agenda, apart from the parties that make up United We Can and with full autonomy within the Government, where she coordinates all the ministries of the confederal space.

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