Sat. Oct 19th, 2019

Iglesias demands that Sánchez lift the veto to which Podemos leaders can be in the government

Pedro Sánchez accepts militants or leaders of Podemos, with a marked technical profile and of recognized prestige, to occupy a ministry without excessive political burden, but Pablo Iglesias do not. "Between partners we must respect each other" and "the democracy it's not that they rule technocrats"Because" people vote for representatives that they are going to legislate and that they are going to govern ", the leader of the purple formation has answered the offer of the socialists to carry out the investment, that at the last hour of this Thursday they were open to accept that there are ministers who militate in the orbit of We can, but with technical profile, not political.

In statements to Los Desayunos de TVE, Iglesias has rejected this option while claiming "respect" for the voters of their training. "What are you telling us, that to be in the Council of Ministers, we do not have to be from Podemos or have stood for elections?", The leader said, who has insisted that "the programs, the government teams and stability are negotiated together ", as he believes it has been negotiated in Valencia, in Navarra, and" in 20 of the 28 EU countries ", he has quoted.

"What are you saying to us, that to be in the Council of Ministers, you do not have to be of Podemos or have stood for election?"

Iglesias has shown his irritation at this approach: "What happens that can only govern the usual parties?", Has come to question, then put as an example the ability of right-wing parties to agree to govern and "distribute power". A mirror in which in his opinion should see the PSOE, which "does not come from the culture of sharing responsibilities," he lamented. Even so, the leader of Podemos is convinced that the socialists will end up yielding although he is aware that "it will take, there will be tension, there will be grandiloquent incumbents, last hour …." But in the end "it is going to impose common sense ", has guaranteed.

The firmness in his position derives from the interpretation he makes of the electoral results of 28-A. Thus, "if the citizens wanted a monocolor government, they would have given an absolute majority," just as Felipe González and José María Aznar were previously granted, "but now they have said cooperate, share power and responsibility." In addition, the firmness at the time of rejecting the offer to speak first of the program and then of charges is based on distrust, in which Iglesias does not believe that the important thing for Sánchez is the program.

"If the citizens wanted a monocolor government, they would have given an absolute majority, but now they have said cooperate, share power and responsibility"

"If the important thing was the program, do not ask the vote to PP or Citizens", has recriminated. And it is that the Church has in the retina a fact that bothered him: that just after the elections, the first thing the PSOE did was to call PP and Cs and not start negotiating a program with Podemos from the beginning.

Iglesias believes that has not stopped giving in the two months that have passed since the general elections, while the PSOE has only made "excuses." The Podemite leader has recalled his proposal to review his position if his plan of a coalition government did not exceed the investiture; He has also answered doubts about the compatibility between the program of Podemos and Europe, to which he promised to state "that the social rights that the Constitution gathers will be fulfilled. The last cession of which has given account is Catalonia, in which Sanchez put emphasis this Thursday to reject the government of coalition, and on the matter, Churches has returned to guarantee that "the PSOE has the legitimacy to lead the position on this aspect "

"If the important thing was the program, do not ask the vote to PP or Citizens"

Therefore, before such a transfer, the leader concludes that "they are running out of excuses," and his feeling is that "people are tired of marketing and posturing," before which his prescription is that the socialists put an end to the "Vetoes" and their "exclusions".

Iglesias is reluctant to believe that Sanchez "could lead us to the irresponsibility of repeating the elections by his vetoes and having all the seats", for "not respecting his partner". And he has come to say that it would be a joke to the four million voters of Podemos that the Socialists would maintain the veto on the possibility that the political leaders of the formation can live in the Council of Ministers.

Sánchez proposed resetting the talks by appointing two negotiating teams to place the accent only on the future government's program, instead of on the charges, but at Podemos they rejected this plan regretting that the socialist candidate maintained his veto that the purple leaders could be part of the Council of Ministers.

"I do not think Sanchez could lead us to the irresponsibility of repeating the elections because of their vetoes and because they have all the seats"

The socialist candidate only opened himself to the independent ministers of recognized prestige offered to churches, for portfolios more technical than political, can military in We can, but in the formation purple abode that in his call to churches, the president did not comment anything like . In any case, they believe that "it would be excellent news if we were to negotiate a government in an integral manner".

The confusion in this regard has not been fully clarified after listening to the vice president of the Government, Carmen Calvo, who in statements to the Chain has avoided confirming if Sanchez would be willing to take that turn and allow the appointment of militants or leaders of We can, no longer of independent people, but of technical profile more than political. Calvo has insisted that the president "is still in the dynamic of the teams feeling", although he has admitted that for this "all possible scenarios must be considered".

"The president considers all possible scenarios because it is his obligation and he will do it"

"The president considers all the possible scenarios because it is his obligation and he will do it", he has simply reiterated, after which he has again encouraged the formation of churches to agree to sit down and negotiate first the policies of the future executive and then I charge them. "I hope it's this weekend," he wished.

The words of Calvo would confirm that the Government does not rule out accepting that there may be ministers of Podemos, although its assignment would have as a counterpart the need for profiles that can be incorporated into the central executive can not undermine the essential "internal cohesion" that Sanchez he alleges to reject the coalition formula.

In any case, the vice president wanted to make clear that the issue of the ministries is something that falls exclusively to the president, and that he will "act accordingly when the chamber gives him confidence" because the election of the members of the government is his responsibility .

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