Iglesias criticizes the silence of Sánchez and "people on the left" about the Ferreras audios for fear of the "mafia"

Iglesias criticizes the silence of Sánchez and "people on the left" about the Ferreras audios for fear of the "mafia"

The founder of Podemos and former Vice President of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, took advantage of his weekly intervention on the Catalan radio station this Monday Rac1 to speak out about the conversation recorded by former commissioner José Manuel Villarejounveiled this weekend by Free Chronicle, which the corrupt police officer shares with the director of La Sexta, Antonio García Ferreras, and the director of Atresmedia, Mauricio Casals. This is a dialogue that has uncovered the origin of the false information published in various media about an alleged bank account opened by Iglesias and to which the government of Nicolás Maduro would have transferred $272,000.

Four Latin American presidents give their support to Pablo Iglesias after knowing the audios recorded by Villarejo to Ferreras

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This Monday, Iglesias has considered that Ferreras is "the most important journalist" in the country "because he is supposedly from the left and directs a supposed left-wing television." This explains, according to the political scientist, "some of the silences" of the last hours about the aforementioned audios. "There are many honest journalists who do their job well who understand that without the help of Ferreras they are not going to get anywhere," he assured, and "left-wing politicians who say" that "without the support of Ferreras" they are not going "to nowhere".

At this point, Iglesias has referred directly to the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, for his silence regarding the scandal, recalling that four Latin American presidents - those of Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Colombia - have publicly expressed their support for him in the last few hours. . "He is silent because he knows that without Ferreras he is left without electoral options," said the former vice president about the chief executive with whom he shared government until March 2021.

Ferreras can no longer be fixed but he is destroying Spanish journalism. What he just did at the entrance of Al Rojo Vivo is very serious 👇🏻 pic.twitter.com/z05a4TNCXr

– Pablo Iglesias 🔻 (@PabloIglesias) July 11, 2022

Iglesias has also mentioned "many people to the left of the PSOE who have not said this mouth is mine not because they think it's good" what is heard in the aforementioned audios, "but because they understand" that their "electoral expectations" depend on a good presence in the program of Ferreras. All this is, in his opinion, a "problem of the mafia" and that "the mafia has someone who acts" in its favor, alluding to the director of La Sexta. "Ferreras has had much more power than the ministers in this country", he has riveted, in addition to involving him in "a mafia structure" that "does a lot of damage to democracy".

Iglesias: "Journalism is not giving false information"

In addition, Iglesias has directly asked Ferreras to let him intervene in his program, Al Rojo Vivo, after he opened it defending the journalistic work of both his and the media outlet he directs. "Out of journalistic dignity you should let me in," he has said, although he has expressed his "suspicion" that the communicator is not going to "answer the messages" sent by the former vice president. "Journalism is not giving false information and giving everyone the floor," he added.

Moreover, Iglesias has spoken of the director of La Sexta as an example of "the greatest degradation of journalism in Spain." “Helping yourself on your television is not giving explanations”, he added, before emphasizing that “what” Ferreras “is doing” on television is, in his opinion, “very serious.

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